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F6F-5N 1/48 scale Eduard

This particular aircraft operated off the USS Enterprise, and is photographed on the deck with flames creeping up upon it from a nearby Kamikaze hit. The aircraft did survive the near scorching and was seen in operations after.
The Eduard N version Hellcat profi-pak is just the right model. I won’t go into a full review, but this was the first of two I built, this one went together without any problems. The other did have some problems, some self inflicted.

Rather than using decals, I choose to use mask from “Miracle Mask”, I was able to contact Mal and sent him a copy of the decal sheet from the kit. He then custom made the mask for this version. The mask worked great, I had never used them before but was extremely pleased with the result.

The challenge here is to make an overall blue airplane that operated off a ship look interesting without looking like it was land based. So I had to resist dirt and chipping as much as possible, and still give it a well used look. So I added a little panel line enhancement and a good Hellcat exhaust stain. I dulled the overall finish just a little, some panels were dulled a little more for effect, but again resisted doing do much.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses to F6F-5N 1/48 scale Eduard

  1. It turned out well, Terry….nice job.

  2. WOW Terry, that’s an outstanding Hellcat model. The exhaust staining looks quite good. For me that’s one of the hardest parts of bringing a model to completion. How did you achieve that result? The masked markings look good too and the GSB finish is spot-on. Very good job of building that bird.

    • Thanks Jim, I have to admit I get a little stressed over exhaust stains, or what like to call “one last chance to screw it up”. The model was finished with Future and was too slick for pastel chalks. I painted on some flat black/light grey mix. Thinned it way down and air brushed it on. This gave it a good dull grey exhaust stain that also gave the chalk something to stick too. I then started dusting on light grey and black pastel chalks. The black pastel actually gives a dirty brownish tint. The charcoal stain close to the pipes was done with a little ground up graphite from a pencil. Sealed it all up with some acrylic flat clear. and slept well that night.

  3. Terry, that Hellcat… as the kids say looks really “Sick” or for us old farts, looks really smart,sharp and well done. How about showing off and posting more photos? Making a all “Blue” aircraft look interesting is no small accomplishment. I’ll second the exhaust staining,it makes the model come alive.

  4. Terry,
    Moyer excellent piece of work. You have this one down pat. I agree with Jim, the overall color and effect is perfect.

  5. Hi Terry, you did a great looking Hellcat, Congrats !
    Exactly how a carrier based Hellcat should look like.

  6. This is a great looking model, congratulations-
    One thing I really notice is your remark that you ‘resisted doing too much’. Hooray -knowing when ‘enough is enough’ is a real skill.

  7. Nice work Terry.
    A fine Hellcat, restrained weathering as you said.
    Well done sir.

  8. Nice one! It’s quite daring to do those monochrome subjects but you managed very well I think!



  9. This looks very nice. Very realistic. For weathering aboard a carrier, about the only thing you can do with GSB is let the areas exposed the most to sunlight get a “flatter” finish than other areas. That’s about the only way GSB “faded”. You’ll never see “dings” because those are immediately touched up by the servicing crew, since salt air loves to corrode aluminum and turn it into powder if left untreated.

  10. Like it! Good job!

  11. Your write up, and the finished model, are very convincing and impressive.

  12. Very nice! I’ve now seen several carrier-based GSB aircraft treated with that grey panel wash. At first I was unsure about using it, as it seemed a bit unnatural, but the more I see of it the more I like it as a way to help bring some detail and interest to these types of models. After seeing yours, I’m convinced!

    • Thanks Greg, I will reveal a little secret here. The panel wash actually isn’t a wash at all. I gave the model a good gloss-cote of Future. I let it dray a few days then sanded down with 6000 and 8000 grit sand paper. The result was that the Future dust filled the panel lines. I then sprayed another thin coat over it, sealing it in. I actually think it looks more natural than a wash. I find this only works on the more shinny finish like the GSB finish.

  13. Ah yes, i ‘ve built the same kit with other markings. Beautiful work Terry, congratulations !

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