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Hellenic Manned Missile

May 6, 2015 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2K

Hi Chaps, This is the F104G not the best 1/72 scale 104 out there but still a nice little kit no vices a bit basic is the only fault but it builds easily enough the panel lines are a bit hit and miss here and there but a couple of passes with the scriber opened up some of the more faded lines paints used were my paints of choice at the moment Gunze Aqueous colour

panel lines were pre shaded and once painted some of the panels were highlighted with lighter and darker shades and generally dirtied up to try to get that grimy look a lot of the Greek Aircraft.

This particular Aircraft is showing some of its previous markings under the peeling camouflage scheme at the rear, it used to belong to the German Navy( Marine Fleiger) it was painted in final tour scheme of Red White and Pale Blue.

The Decals are from Icarus and went down with no problems which at the moment for me is a rarity i can't quite put my finger on it but for some reason i now tend to have problems with my Decalling technique i used to really enjoy putting Decals on my models but recently my results have been pretty bad half the time its my fault i get myself so wound up over not making any mistakes that the slightest and sometimes the easiest to rectify cock up sends me into major meltdown! so when these decals were all done it was a big relief.

I decided to show this model in a flying attitude simply because Acrylic rod fitted nicely into the jet pipe and besides it looks really Cool

Hope you guys like it and please excuse my bad spelling 😉


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  1. Nice build and photos, Mark...impressive in the "small" scale. 🙂

  2. Nice work on the Widow Maker Mark.
    Sure has that weather beaten look about it.

  3. I am almost sure that these are ex-ESCI-moulds and as such I wouldn't say bad at all! They have a very nice C-version as well. Check the detail on the tank pylons for instance: they were far ahead of their time!

    A really nice Starfighter in seldom seen markings, I like it a lot!



  4. Very nice Mark, and fun to see someone else do 72 scale and in-flight! Love the weathering, especially the rear of fuselage with the old scheme showing through. You have great modeling skills!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments guys ,

  6. Mark,
    Very nicely done. I really like the Greek scheme

  7. Great looking Zip 104, Mark. Those Hellenic birds were always well weathered and you captured that look perfectly! Well done!

  8. really nice paint chipped effect - great weathering!

  9. ahhhhh, a nice F-104, Good looking model Mark.

  10. Great work as usual Mark.

  11. Beautiful Starfighter, great paintjob and presentation

  12. Great build Mark, great paintwork to match!

  13. I like this one, too, Mark, I agree with everything the guys have already said above.

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