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Preview of coming attractions…FRANKENTIGER!

For the most part the build portion of the Tiger is done, and I am starting work on the diorama I decided to place it in. TheTiger will be from SPz Kompanie Hummel during the retreat across Germany after the Ardennes fighting. It will be based on the “Elsdorf Tiger” which fell victim to a US Pershing in February 1945. This Tiger and another lost in the same town had rain shields welded on the turret to cover the gap between the turret fce and the mantlet. These Tigers have sometimes been attributed to belonging to sPzAbt 301 (Fkl) a unit equipped with Tigers fitted out with radio transmitters to control remote controlled demolition tanks, but most agree they were from Kompanie Hummel. The last picture shows the various parts from AFV and Dragon I used (including an entire Dragon turret) as well as the sheet brass rain guard.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to Preview of coming attractions…FRANKENTIGER!

  1. Looks like it’s gonna be a beaut, Rob…..I’ll be watchin’ for this one!

  2. Greetings :
    Very interesting project. The project has a feeling of a tidy aspect, that is a very good sign. The viewer will be focused on the main subject. That itself is a thoughtful objective. Nice planning, I will be following this work.

  3. I am in on this project also Rob. I will be following.
    Looks really nice so far.
    California Steve

  4. Good work so far, Rob. This will be a stunner like your Panther

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