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Revell/Moebius USS Skipjack 1/72 Scale

June 15, 2015 · in Ships · · 6 · 2.9K

Hi Guys,
Pics of my most recent completion. This was a commission for a friend at work, he wanted to have a submarine on display in his lounge!

The kit was surprisingly good. Though there are not huge amounts of parts, the fit is very good with all the parts being sturdy and well engineered to fit. The most time consuming was the central join of the hull, which was a little out of sync forward and aft. patience and superglue filler finally did the job.

Such a large model presented spraying challenges, and it ended up hung from a tree in the orchard outside our house, to much amusement of the neighbours...

It is certainly an impressive and imposing model, and the black hull gives it a certain menace akin to the real beast. My friend tells me he is very pleased with it, and it has been much "liked" on his Facebook page! Which is all that matters really!

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  1. Nicely finished, Ian...I "like" it was well. 🙂

  2. It does look quite menacing, Ian, and I like the story about how you painted it!

  3. Greetings :
    Nice representation of the USS SKIPJACK, clean and sharp.

  4. Nice clean build, neat paint application.

  5. Very nice! I remember building the old Aurora kit you could open a hatch and view a picture of the inside with. This one is light years ahead, you did a fine job!

  6. He should be pleased its a a very nice result !

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