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Preview of coming attractions

Just thought I would share what’s next…I will build the bird I flew on and had my name on the side. I have held off for quite some time out of fear I would screw her up…Well it is time to start…

12 responses to Preview of coming attractions

  1. Looking forward to following your progress Rob.

  2. Well, we see that you have you fluid replacement ready, good man.
    As Jack replied, looking forward to seeing this bird built.

  3. drinks by a laptop is a lethal combination…i dumped a beer down one one night and a cup of coffee down one one morning about two years later…two very expensive lessons…now the laptop gets it’s own specific table

  4. I eagerly await your “review” of this kit as the build progresses, Rob. Cheers!

  5. So, there’s a beer named “Airdale”? How many cases you got? That’s a good one, for all you Navy aircrew out there. Where from? I know one, and he’d get a kick out of it.

  6. I’ll be following this one as well, Rob. It’s good to see the COD birds represented now. A good friend of mine flew the C-1 from Subic Bay out to Yankee Station during the Vietnam war and S-2’s in the Atlantic after that.

  7. Hi Rob, I cant wait to see what you do with this one, you flew on one?, that must have been cool. Post pics of you progress. Good luck.


  8. Make it happen, Rob. Screw up of build only assured if builder is downing vast amounts of what’s in the brown bottle.

  9. Thanks guys, Bernard I believe Airdale is brewed and distributed in Southern California, my daughter gave me the glass a couple years back she got it at a bar in San Diego. Bob, I only had the laptop there for the picture it is always out of the way. And yes I flew on the plane I will build, I was the Senior Enlisted Leader, and Maintenance Supervisor for VRC 30 Det 3 on two deployments, so I rode in the back, but I always chose 32 as she was my favorite. We had two CODS 30 one was called “Pineapple Express” because she broke down on us in Hawaii and we spent a month there getting her repaired. 32, the one I am building was our “show bird”. She carried special red and black tail markings in place of VRC 30s normal blue and gold ones, red and black were Det 3s colors. Both carried a large trident emblem on the rear cargo door. On the way home we painted “Queen Anne’s Revenge” over the main entrance hatch and Black Beard’s pirate flag just aft of that. We had been accused at times of being a bunch of pirates 🙂

  10. Rob, obviously you raised your daughter well. I haven’t seen a COD done, and I’m looking forward to yours. Are you gonna fold them wings? If not, hope you got a lot of room.

  11. Have at ‘er !! I did the 1/72 Fujimi E2C Screw Tops a while back.( no photos). Probably the largest water slide decal I ever applied was that snake.

  12. That screw top, is pretty cool. My first squadron VAW 124 shared a hanger with 123, I always liked their markings, them and 121 the Blue Tails. If the Kinetic COD is any good as I go along I plan on building their E-2C and get some VAW 124 decals and build the bird I was PLane Captain on BNo 161152, good ol’ 601!

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