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August 2, 2015 · in Armor · 36 · 2.3K

Hello again. Well, here it is - my first contribution.

I'm afraid I don't know enough about tanks to provide much of a narrative here. Thanks for the guidance re the weathering... I took it pretty easy on that in the end, was just a bit wary of ruining things. Also not particularly pleased about how some of that worked out but more than anything it was very enjoyable to build.

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  1. Nicely done, Steve, a little bit of weathering goes a long way, the Tamiya Chieftain is one of their classic kits and you've made a good job of it. There's some neat detailing on the figures, and the outdoors photographs set it off a treat. Welcome to iModeler!

    • Thanks, George. I hadn't realised this kit was rather old, I was impressed by the quality & definitely would like to try more from Tamiya. I can see storage space becoming an issue!

  2. Enjoyment while modeling is what it's all about, Steve. And as George said, it turned out well indeed. Nicely finished and photographed, sir.

  3. Thanks, Craig. I don't normally take model photos outdoors, I just ran outside with the camera when it stopped raining! I should really take more time to organise for the photoshoot as I do enjoy it. I'm not sure the dogs or child's swing in the background add much, but oh well!

  4. very pleasant to look at...well done

  5. Nice build and paint work, well done

  6. As you say Steve, an 'easy' approach to the weathering, but it looks fine. I'm sure your confidence will grow and we'll see you push your next build a notch or two.

    One thing if I might suggest, tank stowage areas always contribute to the final look of the project. You may want to consider adding a few supplies, etc. There are some nice aftermarket sets available - cardboard cartons, fuel cans, and the like, which give 'personality' to the build.

    Welcome aboard.

    • Thanks, Rob. I like the idea of adding stowage supplies, etc - will definately see where I can add that to my next model. This one is right out of the box, and in fact you've just reminded me there was a gerry can to add.

      I also fancy the idea of adding some camo netting, perhaps in one of those baskets on the side of the basic model. Would need some experimentation, no doubt.

  7. Nice one and welcome again, nice weathering, great job overall.

  8. A very nice Chieftain! Can't wait to see the next model that you have on the production line. Well done!

  9. Everything is clean at least once, so you can't go wrong being light on the weathering. Nice looking build. I like it.

  10. I think you have the tracks running the wrong way, shouldn't they be opposite? The build looks nice but I think the Chieftain changed the red tail lights to orange lenses a few years back...

  11. That's a nice, clean(ish) build Steve, and the figures really bring it to life. I really like that shot looking straight down the gun barrel πŸ™‚

  12. Really nice modeling Steve! I like your choice of angles in your photos.
    Keep them coming and welcome aboard.

    California Steve

  13. Excellent Chieftain

  14. I didn't get the chance to say well done before I went to work three weeks ago. So well done! Nice Chieftain!

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