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My Midway break. A little vacation into the past..

August 23, 2015 · in Uncategorized · 17 · 1.3K

I wanted to take a break from aircraft carriers this weekend. So I chose this M4 18 ton tractor.

This is the Nitto Kagaku kit that is as basic as you can get. I wanted something that I could complete in a weekend, and this was just the cure. Straight out of the box done old school style and I even used a sharpie black marker just to keep with the old school theme. The only addition was a pair of headlights. You can see the switch in the rear photo. I could have had positioned it on the bottom but this was a speed build. The guys are from the kit. This kit went together well with just a little flash. Started Saturday, completed on Sunday. Just like the old days.

I hope you like.

California Steve

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  1. Nice job, Steve...and quick, too.

    • Thank Craig. I am surprised how much I got done this weekend not only with the model, but with stuff around the house. It's funny how some weekends go so fast and on Sunday night you realize you haven't done squat. Oh the life of the lazy modeler.
      I'm glad you liked her.
      California Steve

  2. πŸ™‚ ... Greetings ... πŸ™‚ :
    Nice, quick and sharp, yet ... very interesting. A subject not too often seen, simple yet it catches the observers attention. For sure it makes for a good conversation piece, thanks for sharing those pictures.

  3. Thank you Mr. D. These were used for towing artillery into battle. I saw a cool video of one of these in action. After it got to its battle area. It dropped the cannon then attached it to a hitch in the front of the tractor. Enabling the tractor to push the cannon into position. Much the way we see boat people do this at the lakes and rivers.
    Thanks for your nice comments.
    Oh, Did you see that Gordon was running the DuPont rainbow scheme on his car this weekend?
    California Steve

    • πŸ™‚ ... Greetings ... πŸ™‚ :
      Yes I saw the TBS of the #24 car, very emotional for me , that is how my daughters were introduced to the NASCAR BUG. The elder fell for the black #3 and the youngest for the RAINBOW #24. How the years pass by the eldest is now married and has a daughter. The youngest is now 25, and already has a degree in Criminal Justice.
      Now I await those decals to the that car.

  4. Quick Steve, it takes me three days to read the instructions LOL
    Nicely done though.

  5. Why thank you Simon.

  6. Nice build Steve.
    Hey, I've got one of these by Revell along with the 155 gun. The Revell kit was 1:40 scale (and was actually molded by Adams). What scale is yours Steve? Ain't it fun putting together a model with an adult's eye for a good result yet not overburdening it with PE, the "realistic" weathering job, just build and enjoy.

  7. A much needed break from those aircraft carriers, Steve, and very much more like the kind of stuff we're used to seeing from you. How did you do the lights, are they LEDs?

    • Hello George, Yes these are LEDs. I discovered that you can saw the round ends off just in front of the electronics inside. A quick buff and a layer of Future and you get flat headlights. I use a flat round coin type battery with holder and a switch and Ta-Daa!
      These are 3.5 Volt lights with a CR 2025 battery Be sure to mock up everything and test before soldering as the battery and lights are polarity sensitive.
      Thanks George,
      California Steve

  8. hey dude that is a cool looking tractor!

  9. Thank you Ramon. These old kits still have their charm.
    California Steve

  10. Looks great, Steve. A good match to relax from more complex projects.
    The lights are really cool πŸ™‚

  11. Thank's Bernd. It was good old fashion fun.

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