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Airfix quick build – spitfire

January 24, 2021 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.2K

Got a belated Xmas gift from Grandkid Ezra yesterday. It a kinda non-official Lego kit and good for ages 5+. The decals are stickers and as I later found out, they have the sticking power of a frightened limpet to a rock. A quick check shows the kit is a tad bigger than 1:48 and the serial number is for a Mk.IIa built by Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. P7350 served with 266Sq, 603Sq and 616Sq and is now with BBMF with markings for 41(F) Sqn. EB⦾G
Mind the photos as this is a kitchen build and the lighting had its way. Grandkid master builder Ezra at the helm. The goods...

It starts. Some parts require a little more force than a 7 year old can muster. The gaps get to me a little more than they should.

Comes with a handy stand as there is no landing gear

This is the worst of three photos, because you know, the internet is forever and he will one day regret this

Total build time was about 15 minutes. There are about 6-8 more in the series including a P-51 and a Bf 109 for WW2. Highly recommended for the youngling in your life

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  1. I just love this post as well as the pic of Ezra. Only thing worse is pics of your kids on the pot, and why we take those pics a is a mystery of the sea. But lots fun showing them to perspective boy or girl friends.

  2. Now that is clever! A lego broken down by panel camo colors. My kid woulda went nuts for that, back in the day...

  3. Quick build indead and not that bad at all I would say.
    The idea of directly having the camouflage present is nice.
    Seems like Ezra is really appreciating it.

  4. What a nice idea! Kudos to Airfix for those models. I hope they will be well appreciated by youngsters and sell well!
    Ezra appreciated it for sure!

  5. Those are really fun kits. I have built one plane and two cars with my 4 yr old grandson early last year and he loves them. All three Airfix models quickly met terrible fates within days of completion but pieces of them still live on. If it wasn't for the current state of covid, we would be building more. We will soon, down the road.

  6. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :

    Just LOVE this entire post George, thank you for it.

    This whole post brought a smile as soon as I started reading it, the term "KITCHEN BUILD"

    did it for me ... the ol' memory archives began to roll and roll ... 😀 ... I even called my brothers

    and parents to reminisce those instances ... thank you for that.

    This model for sure will spark some interest for Erza as far as modeling and hope it will do the same for the manual crafts and art ( both has been kind of lost due to the cyber zombie hype ... 🙁 ).

    Hope to see more of his work.

  7. I would have gone crazy for these kits when I was a kid in the '50's.

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