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Messerschmitt Me-262A-1

Hello everyone,
This is my Me-262A-1 kit in scale, nose and CMK engines, flaps and slats were made from scratch.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Stunning example, sir...very nicely finished and photographed. The small-ish scale makes your work even more impressive.

  2. That's 1/72!
    I'm selling my stuff, and taking up watercolors.

  3. Very nice, particularly in 1/72.

    One small technical bit: in almost all aircraft production lines in any country, the movable surfaces (flaps/slats/ailerons/elevators/rudders) are attached to the airframe after painting. Only when the airplane is painted "in the field" do you see the forward section of a movable surface unpainted (I learned this researching the field-applied camouflage of the 78th FG P-47s). Noting this isn't a criticism of your excellent model; it's information not a lot of people have and is passed on to increase the general knowledge.

  4. Fine detailing, Ricardo.

  5. Impressive work !

  6. That's stunning detailing work indeed! Glad to see your work back, thanks for sharing

  7. Wow - stunning build. Another 1/72 hero to look up to! Great work.

  8. That's brilliant!

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