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„Two Iconics“ – F-104 Starfighter and Bell X-1 „Machbuster“

January 28, 2017 · in Aviation · · 20 · 3K

Two of my latest builds and a tribute to General Chuck Yeager, who was the first man breaking the sound barrier with his Bell .

The two models are from the Limited Editions, it was a great pleasure to build them, specially the Bell is not a daily subject for me…hope you like them, Happy Modeling!

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  1. Well done Christian, both look great. Nice tribute to a great aviator.

  2. Those are absolutely fabulous builds, Christian...well done indeed, sir!

  3. That's a suitably busy-looking 104 office in this scale. Great detailing and the variation in metallic finishes is well observed.

    Photo 16 of the Bell is very nice, too!

  4. Beautiful, love both of these builds!

  5. Thank you very much for your kind feedback gentlemen - much appreciated! Cheers, Christian

  6. Very nice work on both of these. The Starfighter always looks like it's going a million miles an hour just sitting there.

    We had a full-scale X-1 mockup when I worked on the movie. I once tried to get in, but there was no way a six-footerlike me was ever going to get in there. Yeager (5'7") told me it was a tight fit for him. Look at that hatch and it's not hard to realize there really was no way out of that airplane in an emergency. The X-1A cockpit also locked from the outside, which is why Yeager rode it down during the "high speed tumble." When they got to him and opened the canopy, his first words were "If this thing had a seat, I wouldn't be here!"

    • Hello Tom, this is just amazing what you tell me here...I am really impressed - did you work on the movie "The Right Stuff"?
      I think the X-1 (without a proper seat) has been a very dangerous workplace, much more impressive what these people have done for aviation!
      I wrote General Yeager a short Mail via his website with a link to my models, maybe he has time to have a look on it...would be a great honor for me!
      Cheers, Christian

  7. Christian, two beautiful airplanes. Both good looking, well done. They look good next to one another. What an era!

  8. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice looking models Christian , and may I add that they are a fitting tribute to a great aviator. That there ... seems to be ... THE RIGHT STUFF .

  9. Like a model. Metallic paint is difficult, but you did a great job.

  10. Thanks again for your motivating words!

  11. The right stuff!

  12. WOW ! The details are fantastic. I am very impressed with how the different shades of metal look on the 104. The X-1 is something you don't see built too often. This is a fitting tribute indeed.

  13. They are both amazing! Really impressive stuff!

  14. Hello Christian,
    My remark: "Master Modeler".
    Regards, Dirk/The Netherlands.

  15. Also here again, THANK YOU!

  16. Just excellent - I especially like the metal work on the 104 - I hope I can come close to what you pulled off - it's beautiful work and nicely subtle.

  17. Both models are very impressive, the metallic finish just terrific.

  18. Thank you very much both Greg and George!
    New photos uploaded with better quality!

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