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A rare 1:24 Hughes 300 C

Although this is not my build but rather one from my collection I wanted to share with the members of this site. I purchased this some fifteen years ago and I believe it is no longer available. It was produced by an Italian Company and may have been given away as a production model to aircraft owners whom purchased the Hughes 300. I added tinted overhead canopy and personalized with my own “N” number. There were a few companies out there that produced these type of models, many are very rare collector items as these manufactures no longer exist.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to A rare 1:24 Hughes 300 C

  1. Those “complimentary” manufacturer’s models are indeed rare and very much prized. Take good care of it as you’ll not likely be able to procure a replacement. So….what the significance of ‘your’ N-number?

  2. I wonder where the moulds are gone of these kits after the PR campaigns closed? Nice one!

  3. Fun looking little critter!

    • Greg don’t be fooled by the size these little birds are very robust…If you are a good enough pilot you can even loop them!
      ( They are very well designed and very crash worthy due to the shock absorbing sub-structure. I had the opportunity to actually pilot this helicopter, it was a one in lifetime chance as a flight school was offering a one day orientation class.

      • In a footnote to the above comment, only multi-blade helicopters can do this…Teetering blade helios like the Bell 47 or Huey cannot. The teetering blade system is more subject to “mast bumping,” meaning you can not unload the blade. This would be catastrophic and cause the rotor head to separate from the helicopter. All systems like this require a watchful eye as abrupt input controls or negative G loads demand immediate action by the pilot. Don’t worry they train all the time for this as these are very safe helicopters. 😉

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice clean work as well as the photography.

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