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Grandson's first modelRevell Snap Tite F-16

December 29, 2015 · in Aviation · · 6 · 2.1K

My five year old grandson got a bunch of die cast airplanes as a gift a while back. He had his mom send me a picture asking what kind of airplanes they were and he's been interested ever since. On a whim I picked this up for him a few weeks ago and he put it together pretty much by himself this morning. He was very excited; the joy and pride in his eyes when we finished was a wonderful thing to see. Watching him make strafing runs on the sofa brought back a lot of good memories, and I was honored that he chose to do this with me instead of watch TV or play video games. He already wants another one...

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  1. Looks a whole lot better than MY first model - a Monogram open-wheel racer as I recall. I think I used the entire tube of Testor's glue. 🙁

  2. I must say, the kid is a leap ahead of my first model. Not even close to what we have here. Tell him "Well done", for me !

  3. Yes please tell or show him here he has done a wonderful job with this beautiful model. Very cool!
    California Steve

  4. How rewarding it is to find a youngster with an interest in actually building a model. The vast majority of today's youth are glued to some sort of electronic gizmo with little interest in anything else. The fact that he wants another model to build just reinforces the probability that he may have the 'right stuff' to later become a full fledged modeler and will have you to thank for bringing him along. My congratulations to you and to him.

  5. He gets all the credit for this one. All I did was cut the parts from the trees!

    I was pretty happy that he took an interest in modeling. Those snap tite kits come prepainted and have a low parts count, so there's enough to keep them interested and not so much that they get frustrated. And they look pretty nice when they're done. I'll let him choose the next one, and I'm pretty sure there are some fairly simple glue together kits in the stash when he's ready for those..

  6. I saw my first model in the first grade, when my dad was stationed in Germany. We lived on base in an apartment building, and a kid in the same building - not much older than me - had a great collection he had built. We flew them puppies all over that building! Never too young to plant the seeds!

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