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Me too Hobby room.........

December 28, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 25 · 2.2K

Front and back shots. The shelves in the back are part of the stash and some past builds.
I have my work area set up for a photo shoot. The third photo is my small On-30 model railroad in my kitchen. Oh the life of a bachelor! No woman would put up with that.
I now feel as if I have confessed my modeling sins.. Gee I feel much better now.
Thanks guys and gal,
California Steve

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  1. Steve, Yours is the closest to what my cave looks like. If I may make one suggestion. I had a very similar table as yours. I removed the table top and replaced it with a wider one giving me about 6 feet across. The stuff I used was that inexpensive white finished (formica) type stuff called something like malmoney (?). I had to beef it up a little on to brace it up a little to keep the end s from sagging. But I can spill anything on it and clean it up with any solvent.

  2. Thanks Terry. This is a full 6' kitchen counter top without any holes cut in to it. I went to the local what we call a big box store and they had one left for $85.00. I noticed it was a bit damaged on one end. I got the manager and said, "you know you are going to just throw this in the trash". She said make me a offer. I said twenty five dollars, she said thirty, I said sold. This sits on a very sturdy portable table. I like it because it has the raised lip nearest you for that spilled paint or adult beverage. It also keeps the exacto from rolling in your lap. And cleanup is a breeze.

    California Steve

    • Steve. It looked like one of those big plastic tables when I first looked at your picture. I know see what your talking about, and have seen those. Great idea, I like it better than mine. I will be on the hunt for one of those.

    • Thanks Rob. This is the inner sanctum! Sanctuary!
      I was reading a web page where folks were talking about what music they listen to when modeling. Me I model in complete quietness. I work in a loud environment is probably why.
      Have a Great new year.

  3. Very neat, Steve, oh for the life of a bachelor!

  4. Thanks George, It's funny about modeling benches. You can start out with a football field. But you will wind it down to one square foot of work space towards the end of the build. I have made a habit of placing all the tools back in their proper location when I have finished a section or procedure. There is still a mess. But I know where my tools are.
    Thanks again George.

  5. You guys keep posting so-called "workbenches". They all [most] look like a layout for a studio shot. Workbenches gotta be cluttered and messy! 🙂

  6. Hi Craig, It doesn't take too long to take a pristine work bench and turn it into Anzio beach. A few figures, half a tank build, some cans thrown about.
    You get the idea.
    California Steve

  7. Love it Steve, the life of a Bachelor..
    Thankfully I have a good lady Rose who enjoys the hobby.

  8. Nice work room

    • Thank you P.k.. I modeled many years on small tables and it is nice to have everything at arms length. Ok I do have to get up for a cool one. Maybe a small refrigerator under the desk?
      Naaa, I'd just use it to store paint.
      Happy New Year to you!
      Caalifornia Steve

  9. Thank you Steve - your photos have told mewhat to do with the model airplanes that are running out of shelf space - hang em', hang em' high.

  10. Inexpensive post-formed melamine counter top- brilliant! I may change over to one of those. And yes, Anzio... Very funny and so apropos! Model building is a dirty. bloody business.

  11. You are quite right Stan. Remember to respect the Xacto...It is way sharper than we will ever be.
    Hey, I made my own hobby quote!
    Have a great New Year.
    California Steve

  12. There is something seriously wrong with that room - it's entirely too neat! Half the fun of the hobby is the time you spend looking for the stuff that's right under your nose.

    A small zip tie around your Xacto will keep it from rolling off the bench. Don't ask me how I know this...

    No blue tape?

  13. Steve, I have committed your Xacto quote to memory. I'm thinking either tee shirt or perhaps an embroidered sampler, tastefully done, of course. Commercial potential, if'n you ask me. Think franchises.

  14. Maybe we could sell the idea to the Xacto company for, let's say---ONE MILLION DOLLARS!. Now you have to say that with your little finger poised by the side of your mouth like in the movie. Now be sure you print the "WE" in the quote in red.

  15. I didn't go to evil modeling school for nothing!
    Nice touch with the red magesterial "WE". Maybe with red drops coming off the "WE"?

  16. Nice touch! And to be more evil. the X should be in bright silver.
    So at a distance you would subliminally read X-WE!

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