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Work bench update Lunch of Champions!

December 30, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 32 · 1.8K

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. Two IN-N-Out Double Doubles with grilled onions fries and a light beer. (I'm on a diet) And a fresh box of GAZ-03-30 for dessert. What could be finer.

The GAZ is my next project. Really detailed. The burgers are from the famous burger chain.

If any of you fellows visit the LA area contact me and lunch is on me.. Well tomorrow is my sons 25th birthday then new years eve.

Not a crummy photo, I just tear up when I see these burgers. I'm So happy!

California Steve

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  1. Steve, I love them in-n-out burgers! My son is in the San Francisco area. I try to get in a visit when I'm in the area.
    Happy Birthday to your son, and Happy New year!
    Good luck on the GAZ.

  2. Those burgers look like the west coast version of our Krystals here in the east...kinda like what Steak 'N Shake calls their 'shooters'.

  3. What is great about America is that every area has it's own favorite burger. I have to tell you Craig I have had a chance to travel quite a bit and do some serious burger tasting. Very few have let me down. Each one was great in it's own way.. OK I don't do pineapple. But I have done, ----ready---Peanut butter! It wasn't bad.

    Now we have to be very careful not to start a burger war here.

    On a distant website far far away, Someone said, "so who makes the best chili"? That went on for days.

    California Steve

  4. Back East they are White Castles...better known as "Belly Bombers". Lil' tiny burgers soaked in onions and so good tasting it's sick. Takes at least 6 to fill up. BUT...the BB designation comes some 2-3 hours later! Have the Tums handy. Man why am i so hungry so sudden like?
    Carl's Junior had a really good Pineapple burger, last time I was in Tucson...

  5. OK, I realize its breakfast, and the wife is at work. Now get busy, its model time !

  6. Terry I tried to open the new model box but after the burgers and half of the beer. I think I fell asleep. It's OK though I'm on vacation.

  7. Here on Long Island we have "All American Burger". They have their own version of the "Double Double". Used to frequent that place a lot back in the day when I smoked those left handed cigarettes. However, nothing beats "Little Bastards" (White Castle Burgers) sopped in tabasco sauce. Of course, the following day one experiences a rollin' in the colon. Still, yours is a pretty manly looking meal.

  8. Hello Seamus. I think you would really like these. The whole In-N Out thing is quite a deal. I work for Peterbilt trucks and they are one of our customers. What a truck facility they have here. Anything the mechanics need they get. They just ordered a bunch of Peterbilts with crew cabs to haul around their mobile kitchens. These are a full length trailers with walk in refers and all. Check out the Jay Leno In-N-out Burger video on U-tube to see the owner. You will really get a kick out of that.


  9. Here's me thinking the great thing about America was champion of freedom and democracy and all along it was burgers! Who knew!?

    • Well you are right Rob. The Champion of Freedom and Democracy! To protect our burgers!
      Actually the funny thing about Americans is that we all want to be millionaires, but want to pay 99cents for a burger. To funny..

  10. A very nice diorama, Steve !

  11. I think they feature in the absolutely marvelous movie "the big Lebowski"! Happy new year! Magnus

  12. I was introduced to White Castles while on a road trip in Elizabeth NJ after being assured that they were the closest thing to heaven that could be found on the planet. I should have known something was wrong when my friend ordered a dozen of them. After half a dozen quarter sized White Castles and eight hours, I found myself communing with the porcelain gods for the next few days. I'll bet they are a great hangover cure...

    For fast food burgers, Whataburger is the way to go. If you're lucky enough to have a Red Robin in your area, go there for an A1 peppercorn burger or bacon cheeseburger. There have been rumors of In and Out coming to Houston, but I heard the one in Dallas didn't do so well because there was a Whataburger across the street!

    • Well I am lucky enough to have both in my area. And yes they are great. my son likes the endless fries at Red Robin. White Castle never had that effect on me. Maybe I dodged the porcelain bullet!

  13. Gotta love that California food...Steve


    • Hey Bob, Happy New Year. I spent a week in Mini-socold a few years ago around Christmas. I had a great time because I knew I was returning in a week... Just kidding. It was beautiful.
      I want to eat a hot NNout with it snowing on me. Bucket list.

  14. Over here, and eastwards in our pleasant land , we have a burger franchise called "Uncle Sam`s", Best burgers by far, cooked to ordered, fresh goods.
    Their Chili burger is one for the "hot heads" among you, it can burn twice though.

    • Happy New Year Simon. Sorry about the late reply. If a burger place uses fresh ingredients you really can't go wrong. That is one of the top selling points of NNout.

  15. Back in the late 90's I spent some time in West London (I believe the area I was in was called Shepard's Bush< but I could be wrong). It was there that I discovered a small cafe called McMurphy's and was introduced to the meat pie. I became addicted and it seemed that I practically lived on double meat pies and mash with plenty of white vinegar & white pepper. Since that time when winter comes around here in New York, I get bad cravings for meat pies and mash. Unfortunately, there are none to be found in the States. However, there is a local place that does serve bubble & squeak and bangers & mash.

  16. Happy New Year Steve, just love it, In n out still stands above what we have available, and there is plenty. But nothing beats a double double, fries and a chocolate shake. I'm in the IE and lunch is on me. Red Robin we have and they are excellent. My brother is in N. Carolina, and you should see the IN N Out paraphernalia he has around the house. When he comes home to visit, we head to the first In N Out to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Where I live the only fast food outlet is KFC, yuk and, surprisingly expensive here. Some of the bigger cities have McDonalds and Burger King, it's amusing to watch the locals trying to eat a burger with chopsticks!

  18. Man I miss in n out!

  19. That about says it all Rob.
    Happy New Year.

  20. My commercial favorite presently here in the East (Balmer, Md.)is 5 Guys. They give you free peanuts in the shell while you wait. Red Robin also isn't bad, in particular the Royal Red Robin, with the fried egg. I can feel my cholesterol spike just looking at one.
    I'm backing off on the french fries. A mans gotta know his limitation
    s! You young folks can have my share.

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