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Workbenches and man caves

December 29, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 6 · 2K

Here are some seldom seen views of the ultra secret Mexican Skunk Works, located deep in the swamps of East Texas. Not quite as neat an elegant as some, but it's been serving me well for the last 25 years. There have been many model airplanes, science and school projects, Boy Scout projects and sundry auto repairs done on that bench, which is a standard hollow core interior door. The second bench is home to the restoration of an RC Century Jet Sea Fury for a friend. The last pictures are are of the new home to the plastic modeling part of the MSW. The plywood in the garage shot will be the new workbench, which will live in the corner in front of the window. The bookshelves where the models are now will be replaced with more permanent shelving later...

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  1. That old Singer would probably fetch a pretty penny of EBay...just think of the new stash possibilities with the profits. lol

    • Craig, the Singer was my grandmother's and there isn't enough money on the planet to make me part with it. It's in really good shape and if I knew how to sew, I could use it today!

  2. Looks like a well-used and well-loved place, Jaime, happy modelling.

  3. Good show Jaime. I know you are a real modeler by the bits and ends of blue tape just stuck to the bench. Top form. Now looking back at my post I should have placed my new Fender Bass somewhere in the photo. Next to my brass knuckles ( see Seamus post). Looks like you have some very nice modeling projects going on.
    Have a Great New Year!
    California Steve

    • Steve, blue tape makes the world go 'round, duct tape holds it together!

      The guitar and bass were my son's. His wife gave him a Gibson for a wedding gift, so those will probably stay with me. The red one was a garage sale find by my daughters, who gave it to him for his tenth birthday. He learned to play on that one.

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