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1958 Impala 1st complete build for 2016

March 23, 2016 · in Automotive · · 11 Comments

Hello All...This is my first time posting on these forums so hopefully I'm doing things correctly. As far as this kit I really love this body style and all the chrome that came on it. This is the amt kit it went together pretty well all the parts fit together okay. It was a little work getting the pegusus wheels to fit with the stance I tried to achieve. I used testors aztek pearl green acrylic which sprayed on very well without having to thin it. The BMF work was very least for me..but it came out pretty good I think. The interior I just went with standard black..normally when I build something I usually work in order of the instructions so by the time I get to the body I've kinda lost patience and the paint job suffers..This time I started with body work and paint which I'm going to do from now on. Anyway hopefully you guy like this one..Thanks..

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11 responses

  1. Welcome to iModeler, Tony, this Impala turned out great, it's a really cool car, hope to see more of your work on this site.

  2. Ditto what George' Impala (as you probably know, the body style changed dramatically the next 2 years - I had a '60 Chevrolet).

  3. Thank you guys.. I know the 56, 57, bel airs are always the favorates and they are great cars, but I tend to like the slightly different model / years..

  4. Nice work - and welcome to iModeler!

  5. Beautiful build. and welcome, this site is so user friendly, seeing this build makes me want to get started on a car kit.

  6. The '58's a great classic. For a minute I wasn't sure I was looking at a model. Nice work.

  7. Turned out real well. And welcome

  8. Wow thanks guys for all the positive comments. I've tried a couple other forums and even though I'm new here this one to me has the best participation...

  9. And here we have all levels of modeling experience kick back and enjoy

  10. Nice work! My dad had one of those, two tone blue. I've always loved that car because the 58 was unique as the first Impala and shared zero sheet metal with either the 55-57 Chevys or the 59-60 Impalas. Great car and you did it justice!

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