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Dog day afternoon plus.

March 13, 2016 · in Photo Collections · · 13 · 1.4K

While with Vf-31 line Div. oneday this lovable mutt happened upon our flight line. We took care of him for two days before base security, NAS Oceana VA, took him away. Fresh water wash down on Saratoga. Maintenance shots VF-31 and VF-74. Bear escort and missile shoot VF-74. Landing of A/C 211 of VF-74 on board Forrestal. Notice that we didn't polish the Hot section in those days . All between 1975-78.

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  1. Love to look at those old photos (especially personal photos) least you have first-hand recollection of the Phantom should you decide to join in the group build and put most of us to shame with your detail work. 🙁

  2. To be honest my detail work is a little lacking, The hands are a little shaky now a days. I am in the F-4 group build maybe that's where I should have sent these? Any way the photos are just stored in a box any how. Might as well share.

  3. These definitely belong here. Everyone knows the F4 Group is just a bunch of reprobates who can't be bothered to do proper modelling...?

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos! Now if the dog was a cat it would have gone down well with the Felix the cat emblem. 😉 Looking forward to your Phantom build.

  5. Nice pics Robert, some personal memories there.
    Love the mutt.

  6. Ok that is one of the best things ever! Phantoms, Sailors AND dogs! Win win win! In Baharain we had several feral cats in the hanger and they often ended up in the cockpits. One big tom used to roam the flight line, never seemed to mind the traffic, never got hit. Animals are amazing!

  7. Nice pics,
    Did Marty get promoted to ensign hehehe

  8. I think he made chief hahaha

  9. Vuufff!

    Nice fotos!

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