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1/72 Fujimi F-4D Phantom II, Vietnam Era

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II was introduced in 1962 as a high-speed, long-range interceptor for defense against Soviet bombers. Thankfully, this role never needed filling and instead the twin-engine F-4 went to Vietnam as a [...]

One of the first of the many, last of the first. F-4H-1{F-4A} BuAer no.145317, 1/72.

As far as I can tell145317 was the last of shorter narrow nosed Phantoms one of eleven development aircraft F4H-1-MC[Block2b]. A new feature was the new AAA-4 infra-red seeker which was below the radome containing the APG-72 radar with its [...]


Built this as a "Quickie", OOB to give me a break between the "Dora", and the now started 1/100th HMS Victory. (build photo's on another article eventually) Kit was a real pleasure to build, but for some reason i had an [...]

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1/72 F-4B Screaming Eagles VF-51Fujimi Kit G-11

Building this F-4B reminded me just how much I like Phantoms, but it's still a toss up between the sleeker F-4B/J Navy planes or the F-4E Air Force Gun Jets - I can't decide - heck , even the Recon birds look awesome! I had the pleasure of [...]

One more moldy oldy, Hasegawa C-2 1/72 F-4E Phantom

I used Hasegawa's C-2 kit, of which the molds go back to the 1972 release JS-080 kit, It's still in their catalog, they have updated it somewhat by adding the leading edge slats. The decals are equally ancient being remnants from [...]

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