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‘Make sure you always carry a spare.’

Don't remember where I found this shot, Hmm maybe it's time to do another Phantom..

Hasegawa F4J vf 84 “jolly rogers”

F4 Phantom Marines

I was building my second thunderbolt but got tired of sawing the resin gunbays and engine plus my razor saw broke. I had another 1/32 phantom in the stash and decided to build that. This time I tried following the paint and decal scheme as close[...]

1/32 Phantom

I ordered resin gunbays for my Thunderbolt project and decided to build a phantom. The Revell 1/32 phantom I started last year had a lot of fitting problems so I put it aside. This time I tried building the Tamiya one and loved everything about [...]

Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1.

RAF 111st. Squadron around 1986. To finish my triple Phantom project I ended the series with the latest Airfix tool, but for this one I elected to have the cockpit closed, even though I used PE details for it and resin seats (I know they are not[...]

The Phantom of Yeovilton!

This is my version of the FG. 1 Phantom, deployed with No. 767 Naval Squadron and stationed in Yeovilton, built completely unadorned from Airfix’s lovely 1/72 kit. Not usually a jet-builder, I had to make one of these. Apart from the Phantom’s[...]

Phantasy Phantom

This was a pretty fast build. Due to the pandemic, my school got moved completely online so I’ve been having a lot more time for my models. On Tuesday, as I was watching the election, I kept seeing the American flag come up and that gave me an i[...]

RF-4E Phantom II – Hasegawa 1/72

Hello everyone, here is my recently completed Phantom. I chose it because I liked the sea camoflage. I used Tamiya acrylics and masked the camo with silly putty. I had some trouble with air bubbles under some of the larger decals. Thanks for all[...]

The saga of 63-7544, F-4C, 1/72 Revell/Monogram.

F-4C-19-MC BuAer No. 63-7544, roughly the 141st F-4C manufactured, originally delivered In the gray/white scheme and with the Navy style inboard pylons. Apparently it had a short life, part of the 8TFW, and the 480th TFW, 366TFW. where it was lo[...]

F4 Phantom

Hi everyone, after visiting the aircraft museum, I decided for my next build I was going to make a plane. My mom got me the Academy 1/72 Phantom for winning 5th in my speech and debate competition. The phantom was supposed to be gray but I decid[...]