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Retired transit worker from NYCT. ,phormer phantom phixer f4j, low tech,low budget modeler. mostly a/c.

Photo inspired, Test pilots and astronauts.

A little quickie . Most of the figures are from Monograms 1/72 Phantom kits and one from their X-15 kit. I only had five, the other two are AWOL. lol.

The Invaders!

The Invaders: Alien beings from another planet. Their destination: The Earth. Their purpose: To make it their own. It began with a closed deserted diner and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey. It began with a craft from [...]

Space Shuttle Craft, Revell 1/189?

This reusable Shuttle concept is a design by Krafft A. Ehricke, a rocket scientist while working for Convair. It dates back to the late fifties, While the craft would never be built,he was correct in the concept, multiple stages for the [...]

F4F-3 Wildcat F-5, Coral Sea, USS Lexington. Academy 1/72

This is the aircraft of Lt. Noel Gayler, one of the pilots of VF-3 that transferred to VF-2 on the Lexington. Gayler had claimed two kills and two partial/shared kills before the battle of the Coral Sea, and had dropped 30lb bombs on a [...]

SBD Dauntless,VB-2, 10 Mar 1942, MPC/Airfix 1/72

This was crewed by Lt[jg] M.T. Whitter and RM2c F.G. Stanley in the area of New Guinea. This is the MPC boxing of the Airfix molds, it seems by this time the molds were a little worse for ware. The decals are from Starfighter USN Hit and [...]

TBD-1 Devastator VT-6, 1Feb 1941, Airfix 1/72

This was flown by LtCdr. Massey and RMC1c Grent, over the Kwajalein lagoon in Marshall Islands. Massey was later lost at Midway. The kit is an old boxing of the Airfix kit. Except for the crude clear parts, the kit was pretty clean. The [...]

"The finest light cavalry in the world.."

Of the Native Americans of the Northern Plains, including the Sioux and others, that is how some historians have classified them. This is an old Imrie/Risley figure that my father had. Knowing that I could not do it justice if I attempted [...]

F-3H-3 or F-3E, Demon II

Here's a what iffer, What if the Demon got a proper engine, say a J-67 or j79, also with the upgrade is an IR sensor under the nose, duel wheel nose gear,zero-zero ejection seat, fully enclosed IFR probe, F-4 style stabilators, slap on a [...]


Found these two on the web, at a reasonable price. I have noticed of late that prices have gotten way out of hand. I bagged these with shipping for around 20 dollars US each. Some listings , for the TBD goes for three times as much or more.

F-4D Skyray NOTS, China Lake, 1/72 Airfix/MPC

Project Pilot conducted by Naval Ordinance Test Center{N.O.T.S.} in 1958, nick named NOTSNIK, was an attempt to air launch a satellite via rocket from a F-4D Skyray. Although there were several launches, none are believed to have really [...]