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Retired transit worker from NYCT. ,phormer phantom phixer f4j, low tech,low budget modeler. mostly a/c.

“Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!” Jupiter 2, Lost in Space TOS, Polar Lights 1/60ish.

This is Polar Lights kit of the Jupiter 2 from the 1960's Lost in Space TV series, which wasn't bad until the second season when the stories got a bit silly. In those days I think for some of us we were all a little lost in space. The kit is som[...]

1963 Corvette Stingray, ‘route 66’,1/24 Revell.

And now for something that doesn't shoots, fires at or blows up things. One of the coolest TV shows on in the early 1960's was 'route 66', it had two guys driving across the America[and Canada] in a Corvette, working at odd jobs and interacting[...]

UH-34D Seahorse of HT-8, 1/72 Italeri.

This is Italeri's 1/72 UH-34D, using Print scale decals of a USN training squadron, which when I first ordered them I had thought they were for the Seahorses used in Antarctica. I always liked the Deep Freeze aircraft. I decided to do the HT-8 [...]

Rommel’s Rod, Atlantic Wall edition.Monogram

This is the latest tooling of the Tom Daniel's designed Rommel's Rod, according to the instructions the original molds were lost. I tweaked it a little by instead of the desert scheme as in the instructions, I painted in Panzer grey, as he might[...]

Jolly Rogers F9F-8 Cougar VF-61, 1956. Hasegawa 1/72.

This is Hasegawa's F9F-8 straight from the box. I used the kit decals of VF-61 Jolly Rogers, which held up pretty well, I think the kit is a 1990's boxing. I originally intended converting it to a twogar but then Sword came out with their kit of[...]

Mitsubishi 1MT Type 10, 1/50 UPC. Empire of Japan

The Type 10 torpedo bomber was designed by Sopwith designer Herbert Smith for the Japanese Navy. Built in 1922, 20 were built, it was difficult to fly and it could not land on the carrier with the torpedo loaded. They were eventually scrapped. [...]

Tackhikawa Ki-9, Type 95-1 Japanese Army, 1945 Korea, Empire of Japan. 1/48 Nichimo.

This is Nichimo's 1/48 Ki-9 Spruce training aircraft. I tried to replicate the aircraft in photos that my father took while with the occupation forces in Korea at the end of WW 2. The aircraft had their rear cockpit covered over, probably to c[...]

The tale of two kits, Revell P-40E and P-40K, 1/72

The vintage P-40E dates back to 1964[my example is actually1971], The P-40K kit was produced in the mid 1990's. When I looked over the K it looked very similar to the old E kit, It looks like some where along the way some one updated the origin[...]

Spifire Mk.22, 1/72 Airfix.

The Last of the many, Spitfire Mk.22, to me the most pleasing to the eye. I knew this kit existed but didn't realize it wasn't being produced any more. I got this off ebay at a reasonable price. Another 'new' tool Airfix gem of a kit. built out [...]

S.S. Venture at Scull island, Lindberg Q ship.

This is Round 2's reissue of the old Lindberg Q ship kit. I made it into a tramp steamer resembling the ship seen in the 1933 King Kong movie. It's about 1/400 ish scale. All I need is a King Kong figure.