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Retired transit worker from NYCT. ,phormer phantom phixer f4j, low tech,low budget modeler. mostly a/c.

‘Make sure you always carry a spare.’

Don't remember where I found this shot, Hmm maybe it's time to do another Phantom..

Project Spike ASAT F-106A, 1/72 Hasagwa.

This F-106A was used on Project Spike which was an ASAT program of the early '70s. Being fired from an F-106, the missile would release a terminal homing vehicle guided by solid rocket motors on a trajectory to intercept a selected satellite. St[...]

F-14A No.3, 157982, 1/72 Hasegawa

BuNo. 157982, First flown on 12/28/71 it was the third pre-production F-14A built. It was used primarily to determine flight characteristics. one such test was asymmetrical wing sweep. In a series of flights between 12/19/85 to 2/28/86 the right[...]

“Duel in the Sun” or YGBSM, F-105F vs SA-2 Guideline. 1/72

YGBSM meaning.... You gotta be sh**ing me! The reaction to the description of the Wild Weasel mission when it was explained to an Electronic warfare officer who had transferred from B-52s. Much has been written about the WW mission who went up a[...]

Captured Hawk, P-36/ H75 in the Luftwaffe. Monogram 1/72.

This represents one of the dozen or so H 75's that were captured by Germans, which sold many to the Finns. I think that the Monogram kit is still the best representation of the P-36 in 1/72. Thanks go to Tom Bebout for supplying the kit.

A bit of nostalgia, brushes 144 [gross] ,disposable paint brush

When I started to paint my models as a kid using Pactra and Testors 1/4 ounce bottle paints, to help me out my Dad or my Mom gave me a box of 144 little brushes, the cool thing was that they were disposable, they lasted me several years painting[...]

Felix History, post WW2 VF-31 aircraft.

Fighting 31 Tomcatters is now the second oldest U S Navy squadron. It began in the 1930's as VB-1 flying Boeing F4Bs, Re-designated as VF-3 they flew F3F's ,F2A's, F4F's, during WW2 flying Hellcats two different squadrons claimed Felix as their [...]

F/A-18E Superhornet, VFA-31, Final Felix, Italeri 1/72.

This is the last of post WW 2 Felix rides, I hadn't really planned on doing it,not being a fan of the F/A-18, but when I saw the Two Bob decal sheet I changed my mind, I opted for the Italeri kit, being the cheapest that I could find, Our hob[...]

Marty returns

A while back I posted photos of a mutt who appeared on our flight line. We had him a few days until base security took him. he was so docile that we were able dress and pose him around the aircraft. I modified the sled dogs from the Ford Tri-mo[...]

F-51D, 12th FBS,18thFBG, Korea 1952 ,Forgotten war gb,1/72 Airfix

Another Airfix 1/72 gem of a kit. The fit is great, as are the decals. I did the Korean war selection kit decals. Which must have been a popular plane as Tamiya's and Italeri's 1/72 also offers the same bird in their 1/72 kits. As great as the[...]