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Retired transit worker from NYCT. ,phormer phantom phixer f4j, low tech,low budget modeler. mostly a/c.

Yamaha XV1000, Tamiya 1/12 1985

A friend of mine asked me if I would want to build this kit, I eventually said yes not ever built a motorcycle kit. Talk about being out of your wheelhouse I give all kinds of kudos to you bike builders. Trying to build and keep it [...]

USS North Carolina BB55, Revell 1/570 scale

Originally released in 1969, this off scale kit of the North Carolina depicts the ship as she was end /post war configuration with her main deck forward AA guns removed. Commissioned in 1937. She was the first of the fast battle ships. [...]

A worried rant.

I hope this doesn't come as being political, but I'm worried, I was brought up during the cold war. Under the threat of total nuclear annihilation, That was "my war ", So after forty or so years they were able to dial it back a [...]

For a change something not meant to destroy or kill.

This is AMT's 1/25 1964 Mercury Comet. I wasn't sure why I wanted to build this, we never owned one growing up or after, and yet when Round 2 announced that it was reissuing it, I was weirdly drawn to it. Then the burnt-out brain cells [...]

JIm Sullivan.... Author, photographer, gentleman, friend

While I didn't know him other than from the contact on this sight, I feel that i knew him enough to call him such. After discussing the aircraft that I worked on and squadrons that I was attached to, He sent me these photos. I planned on [...]

Flushing Airport, Vanished aviation history

Flushing airport, located in the borough of Queens NY. was a small private airport, open from1929 to1984. Its ultimate end was caused by several factors, including its proximity to LaGuardia Airport and a local highway, where at least one [...]

Oh the Humanity! A 1 1/2 year hurricane.

The disaster was unexpected, power full machines thrown about with disregard. It was the 1 1/2 year old Hurricane Anthony. Don't let your eyes off of one! Repairs are already underway.

Brand 1955 Chevy 2-ton Stake truck, sixty years later, a clunker 1/48 Atlantis/Revell.

Brand new 1955 chevy 2-ton stake truck, {first 5 pics}. Last 2,sixty years later as a clunker.This another Revell kit issued by Atlantis, they have even included the glass for the cab. which was never on the Revell kits. The kit is rather [...]

T2V-1 Seastar, US Marines El Toro 1962. 1/72 Sword

To make the TV-2[T-33] carrier suitable, Lockheed added an elevated instructor's seat,strenghened undercarriage, tail hook and catapult hookup and leading-edge flaps were improvements made to what became known as the T2V-1[T-1A] Seastar. [...]

P-40F of 325th FG Checkertails, Lt.Col. Robert L. Baseler personal aircraft. 1/72 conversion.

I always wanted to model this aircraft. There was a limited run 1/72 kit with these markings but I missed the boat when they were more easily available, I found the kit recently on a site overseas, but it was cost prohibitive. There was a [...]