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We get by with a little help from our friends.........

March 4, 2016 · in Uncategorized · 10 · 1.3K

Hi Everyone,

This is Jess, one of our two cats, and yes, curiosity may well kill her one day...

Whenever I am man caving she joins in, either trying to "help' as she is in the picture ("what about pink for this one Dad?" or how about paw print camo in purple?"), or trying to find a gap between kit boxes in the stash where she can hide away (gaps in the stash? Can such a thing happen?).

We have only fallen out once over modelling, and that was when she tried to find a nice comfy space on the shelf in between my models on display! Removing her involved fur flying, spitting and references to cooking fat (or something like that!), but we are friends again now, and no models were harmed in the process...

I know its slightly off piste, but does anyone else have a "Santas Little Helper" like me...?

Happy weekend modelling everyone!

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  1. Now, come on, Ian, I'm sure I read somewhere that cats are like dogs, they are colour blind (like me!)... whatever, I used to have a Cocker Spaniel who insisted on wagging his tail and dribbling on everything, he sure was dangerous!

  2. I've always had outdoor cats so haven't had this "problem" though I tend to be more of a cat person than a dog person. My little dog Parker who despite my cat thing is my best friend. He however, has a love of plastic and if I drop a part I need to be quick or he swoops in and eats it!

  3. My two cats (Pepper & Shadow...both black females), also have access to my model room. That fact is due to the location of the litter box [which is non-negotiable]. I'd post a photo or two if posting pics in this reply box was possible (I've asked Martin about this a couple of times). In any event, I've experienced no "cat-astrophes" from either of my feline "assistants".

  4. The terrier mix we have now would have my builds and stash for breakfast lunch and dinner , they must be kept separate. I did have a cat way back when I was young, that bother with any of my models or stash. Cats are cool.

  5. Correction- last sentence- that would not bother... sorry

  6. My cat Marv loves "supervising" my photography setup, when I'm taking photos

  7. I made the mistake of giving the Punk, my big tabby, a long sprue to bat around once. Now if I walk away from my table for longer than 1 minute...well I better not, he will be right up there trying to pull out a sprue from the cup for hisself. With no thought to what's on the table. So I got to be on guard. So far the new guy, Rat, has not shown interest but I'm watching him...

  8. Oh BTW is it just me or are the majority of modelers cat people? Seems that way from my observations.

  9. A pair of schnauzer dismantlers here love them to death but they'll give schnitzer steel and dismantling a run for their money

  10. Ian, I have two helpers, a 21 pound calico that competes for chair space with me and a very talkative tabby, that is never without comment, and / or curiosity. It wouldn't be model building without them.

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