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My long life high school friend Edward ask me to build a replica model car and make it look like the real car that he owned. I said yes, because every time I came down to the “GoodGuys” yearly car show in Scottsdale, Arizona I get to stay free for the 4 day event at his home.

I take the two 1/25th scale “AMT/ERTL” plastic Ford kits home and started to build them real soon. All I had to do is cut the tops off each model and put the Galaxie top on the Skyliner body. It was not lone during the conversion process that I found out that it was a real big job to change one top for another one. One model car was wider than the other one so how am I going to put one top onto another body as it will not fit properly. It was a good thing that I was an experienced modeler, otherwise I don’t think a novice modeler could have done what I did. To the end of this project it was what I call:

“Cut and Fit” until it fits and looks like the real thing.

It was much more time consuming that I bargain for but what could I do? I could quit and tell my friend that it was impossible to make the change. Or I can try and make a nice model for my life long 1950 high school friend. I told him I could do it so I had to keep my word.

Edward gave me some of his “left-over” real lacquer paint that was applied to his Ford. I thinned the thick paint to a “water-like” thickness and used it in my Badger-200 airbrush and the end results was: The model looked like his real car. The top of the car was painted with my X-2 Gloss White Tamiya paint and the silver looking paint was also by Tamiya.

I had to scratch-build the fender skirts and paint them with chrome look-a-like paint, which I had in my paint box.

The other Ford car looked like it needed built, so I spent some time making that left over model. There is no top on it and I left off the back top section of the body. I like what I did and that’s all that counts.

Just study the photos which will give you an idea of what I had to do!


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4 responses

  1. Stunning, flawless paint work. I bet your bud was hugely impressed!

  2. Jimmy:
    Is that you with the red hair in your I.D. photo?? I guess I should change my “I.D.” as I got a photo of my F-100D Super Sabre in the U.S.A.F. “Thunderbird’s markings.

    Yes Ed was impressed, and even gave me some “greenbacks” which is called American Dollars here in the U.S.A.

    Looking at the left-over model as I call the other Ford, I think I’ll post its’ photo’.s

    Thanks to you comment!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. Hi Rodney, confirmed! The model looks like the real car! Maybe you should try the keys, they may actually fit!

  4. Wow, excellent job Rodney.

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