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Desert Duo

January 11, 2014 · in How-to · · 5 · 2.1K

The British SAS and Long Range Groups often worked together as a team and disrupted the DAK in all instances. The suggests a hasty return to friendly territory after such a raid. As with most of my dioramas I use a recycled rubber base that is a stepping stone product! Never intented to show off war scenes I sure, oh well I found these to be the best bases as they don't crack, bend , warp and don't need any treatment. Simply glue any scenery material which in my case I have more desert sand than I could ever use in 10 lifetimes, New Mexico is full of it! The rest is easy, use photos of scenery and vehicles and design simple yet appealing dioramas. For more go to Hobbies in a Barn on Facebook.

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  1. Another good one. Would like to see more images though.

  2. Nice -lookin' dio, John...those bases seem to work well.

  3. Very nice, those SAS long range patrols were fascinating operations. Good idea that rubber base, I've seen what I think is the same thing here, which is used to provide soft ground cover for kids playgrounds? Sort of thick spongy rubber mat.

  4. Thank you all, in the case of dioramas I will be posting many more in addition to the project I am working on now, a 1/35th scale Iwo Jima diorama made with the same type of rubber base. Also for anyone wanting custom built 1/35th or 1/48th scale models/dioramas please let me know via this site. I provide you with all the details. Thanks for looking! John

  5. John,
    Very very nice. Great work

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