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More Dad’s survivors

Camera shy with power source to run hidden motor, is possible to upload video? Dragon in ink, Forest scene where he would have liked to retire. He inked and painted both.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Robert, is the GeeBee one of those ITC taxi-it-around -the-room models, like the (Egad) B-29? Good old Marvin the Martian! Sometimes I kill my vocal chords trying to imitate his unique voice. Love the painting, looks to me like Maxfield Parrish.

  2. Must say that Gee Bee is a new one one me. Your dad was quite the artist I see. Bugs took care of that Martian in the end. And maybe dad really DID "retire" in that beloved spot, who knows?

  3. Can we upload video to this site?

  4. Here's a video I had saved in my file(s)...lemme post the link here and see if it works:


  5. Looks like your Dad loved the fun side of modelling, that's the best side as far as I'm concerned.

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