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Moson Model Show 2016 – Part 1 (1/35 military modeling)

April 15, 2016 · in Show Reports · · 14 · 10.1K

Time to begin our photo coverage of the 2016 . Armor modeling has always been one of the highlights of the event, and this tradition continues. Here's the first selection of 1/35 scale military modeling on display.

Feel free to comment on and discuss your favorites.

Don't forget to check back at iModeler for all the forthcoming other parts of this coverage from the 2016 Moson Model Show - additional galleries will be published during the day. If your are new to iModeler, feel free to register and add your own comment to this gallery.
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  1. Martin, there were so many different models I haven't seen before. Great photos!
    I know you have more and i'll be waiting. Great modeling by everybody. Wow!
    California Steve

    • Yes, I would have trouble myself naming all the vehicles, not to mention the kits used :). Perhaps someone could help us out on the odd-looking ones.

  2. The guy who wrote on his blog the other week that American modelers are cowards was right. This stuff is so far beyond what would be seen at a boring American show where all the pursuers of a chrome-plated plastic pot do what's expected of them by the International P**s and Moan Society. We Americans are onlyh "exceptional" in our exceptional third-ratedness. Every one of these models is "exceptional" from the first idea the modeler had to do it. Why I don't waste my time at American model shows.

    • Tom, I have not yet had a chance to be at a major US model show but let me add that to my mind, that even by European standards (any standards?) the Moson show is an exceptional display of creativity :), beyond what one might expect. More pictures to follow soon.

  3. So Tom are you moving to Europe?
    I just got to know.
    California Steve

  4. I rather liked the little Egret on the back of the su-152

  5. Martin, these are great. I particular love the model T. That would a lot of fun to have the real thing parked in the garage and take out for a sunny day drive. Is that not the original "Rat Patrol" vehicle ?

    • Yes I also thought that this (a small model in 1/35) was exceptional. The Renault tank with tubes is presumably the work of the same modeler.

  6. Lots of interesting types and painting schemes, I haven't seen in 45 years of modelling. I'd like to know more about them.

  7. Impeccable! Amazing talent on display, but I take exception to Tom's comments about American shows. I've seen beautiful work at all of the local shows I've attended in a 5 state area around me, and always improve my modeling by what I see on the tables, and enjoy talking with fellow modelers about their techniques and love of the hobby. Most modeler's I know don't "build for contests," and those that do exclusively are rarely worth spending much time with.

  8. Martin, thanks for putting things in perspective. Also, many thanks for showing us all these exceptional builds.
    What the heck is that tank with them two cylindrical thingies on it? Drew a real blank on that one! Lot of fun straining my brain on the other items, too.

  9. Thanks for posting, Martin. Inventive and thoughtful modelling skills on display here.

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