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On This Day…December 4th.

December 4, 2018 · in News · · 30 · 2K

A ‘Kate’ B6N2 torpedo bomber explodes in mid-air after direct hit from carrier USS Yorktown, off Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, 4 Dec 1943. Photo taken from the aft flight deck of the Yorktown by Photographer’s Mate Alfred N. Cooperman. Apparently this photo was done in colour in ‘Life’ magazine, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. If anyone else can then I’d love you to post it.

RAF Coastal Command De Havilland Mosquito FB Mark VI (PZ446, of No. 143 Squadron) being serviced and re-armed with 60-lb rockets at Banff, Aberdeenshire (Scotland) in preparation for anti-shipping strikes off Norway on 4th Dec. ‘44. Loaded for bear.

Kurt Gallegos flies F-16C with special markings commemorating the 5,000,000th flight hour of the F-16 from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, US, on December 4th, 1996.

An SB2 U Vindicator of Scouting Squadron VS-42 flies over the USS Ranger (CV4), which was the first US ‘keel up’ purpose built Carrier. Photo taken on December 4th, 1941 while the Ranger was on convoy escort duties in the Atlantic.


December 4, 1966, Thorneburg and ‘Nemo’were out on patrol near their air base runways. Nemo alerted on something. Before Thorneburg could radio for backup, they came under fire - Thorneburg released the dog and charged in shooting, killing one Vietcong before being shot in the shoulder. Nemo was badly wounded, shot in the face, the bullet entering below his eye and exiting his mouth. Ignoring the injury, Nemo attacked the four enemy soldiers hiding in the brush, giving his partner time to call for reinforcements. Both Nemo and Thorneburg were found together, seriously wounded, after the attackers were killed.

Oh, and a VERY happy birthday to Louis Gardner. An iModeler vet who is always on hand to help anyone. A prince amongst men.

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  1. Magníficas fotos e historias.Feliz cumpleaños Louis Gardiner!

  2. Awesome photos as usual. Your "On this day" are a real highlight for me ! Keep it up!

  3. Muchisimo gracias, Julio! Su apoyo es muy apreciado.

  4. Excellent David, as usual. Happy Birthday Louis. May your day be filled with fun and the aroma of glue and paint!

  5. Thanks, Morne. I guess as a teacher in history these posts may resonate a little more with you. Although (especially when it comes to war) it could be argued the only thing we lean from history is that we don’t learn from it...

    Thanks for looking, Morne!

  6. Great stories behind great photos as usual David! A very happy birthday to our friend Louis

  7. Happy Birthday Louis!

  8. A daily ritual D-L, after the Daily Bread of course, while peeking at history everyday, just a reminder of what we cherish living for. And of course being among friends like Louis, which is a very nice touch. A great idea if you can continue with that little touch of honoring imodeler veterans such as Louis on their birthdays if you have the information. Louis here is too you, Happy Birthday! (Don't have to be a veteran really).

    • Having good friends is indeed a blessing. Judging by the replies from this "On this Day" posting, I have been very blessed with a great group of fantastic friends.

      Thanks Chuck

  9. Thanks, Chuck.

    Semper Fortis.

  10. Hey David, I love these posts, keep them coming...Happy Birthday Louis, I see you got a B 17 as a present, Lucky man.

    • Thanks Marc !

      This B-17 is the new tool 1 / 1 scale kit by Boeing. I've heard some "experten" say the rivets are a little too pronounced, but they look good to me... I think they got the shape of the rudder just right, and the length looks to be spot on too.

      Just kidding, but man oh man what a birthday present that would be huh ? I probably couldn't afford the oil to start it up, much less the fuel... One can dream though.

      Thanks again for the birthday wishes my friend. It's good to hear from you.

  11. Excellent, Marc. Yep, that sure would explain the smile on his face.

  12. Louis for a guy who is all thumbs...your a pretty good modeler. Happy Birthday, you don't look a day over 39.

  13. Yeah, Stephen...maybe in dog years...

    Happy birhday, Louis!

  14. Happy birthday ,Louis, and thanks for past encouragements you've giving me. Keep'em flying. David.

  15. Happy Birthday Louis! great story about Nemo as well

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