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Show & Tell – Lynchburg Air Show, part 2

May 24, 2016 · in Show Reports · 9 · 2K

Here are a few more photos from my Saturday adventure. more of the C-46,"The Tinker Belle" that a couple of readers said they liked (me too!) and others. Thanks

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  1. Always nice to see airshow pics...thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the loo see.

  3. Thanks, Ralph! I have never seen a C-46 outside a book. I'm amazed that one is still flying, but maybe it'll come our way. Rare bird, to my way of thinking, so all the more impressive.

    The TBM(?) is real pretty, and the Beech Mentor is almost too shiny.

    I can't imagine a privately owned Sea Harrier 2, either. I'd hate to see the gas bill on that! I hear there's a guy in Southern Maryland who has a couple Harriers! Gotta be wealthy!

    Great show, thanks for the photos and for posting them for us.

  4. I was told that The Tinker Belle C-46 is one of only 3 of these left in the world and the only one in working order, the other two are in museums.
    I believe The Tinker Belle is based in North Carolina.

    The owner of the Harrier may be who you heard about Bernard, the announcer said he bought it at a Royal Navy auction.

    I would like to have one and it could land on the street in front of my house, but haven't seen any on the local used car lots. ...

    • There were at least two Commandos used by Buffalo Airlines in Alaska. The company had one of those shows on Discovery channel ("Ice Pilots" - no longer in production)...they were painted in green trim - perhaps you recall the series to which I refer. Google it for further info if necessary.

  5. Hi Ralph, Thanks for the extra photos, particularly of the Commando - great to see one of these outside of a museum - seems like you had a variety of weather on the day but good to see you had some blue sky! Love the gleaming P 51 against the green backdrop - you just feel its about to take off! - thank you

  6. I added another for the C-46 fans, a scanned copy of a photograph taken by my father from the tower on the Iwo Jima field in 1945. Seeing The tinker Belle in person helped me relate to his experience.

  7. Thanks for that photo.

  8. Thanks for the additional photos. I remember watching a Harrier land at Kessler in 76 - was really fun to watch it float down to the tarmac. Noisy as all get out!

    The Commando pics are nudging me to get out my Williams Bros kit...!

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