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Tu-160 "Blackjack". Scale 1/72

June 5, 2016 · in Aviation · · 19 · 3.8K

Hello, dear colleagues!
May I present to your attention another their work. This is an attempt to create an image of the aircraft during the cold war. Bindings to a specific Board. Construction lasted exactly a year. The construction process is nowhere to publish was not because of lack of time. That out to judge you of course.

I will say little about the model. Kit of . The docking of parts on a 4+. The main problem was in the connection of the top and bottom of the fuselage, because the top is much wider, he seems to be flattened. Had to compress it on the sides and hard safeexit. The construction was complicated by the fact that I was doing the backlight. The wires are all United into a single beam in the center of the gap between the rocket pods. Diagram of flashing beacons at four transistors and it is located in the tail section. The aircraft is equipped with 19 LEDs. BANO, tail light, indicators, headlight, illuminated cab, backlight nozzles - all the LEDs from the automotive tapes. I was articial to the desired shape. Of improvements the same was done with piping racks and niches chassis, pipelines, missile compartments, and other trifles which are not present in the set, but which animate the model. Hydraulics on the racks - foil. Wheel to grind down to the state specific paysannat, otherwise they look like from a toy tractor with a huge tread. Rocket is a separate model. I decided to equip a turret installation in addition to combat and still experimental (red) missile. So interesting. A bunch of Technicals, which bought separately Behemoth, the rockets gave generally live view. By the way the decals are very good. The stabilizer and fin are made movable, so interesting. On some photos it is visible. Sash missile compartments was assumed to be closed. To do this, even in red rockets were inserted the pieces of the magnets, and the edges of the valves themselves glued a thin steel plate. It worked half, because in the closed state was an uneven gap between the doors, and this is not it. They had to be tough to glue. By the way the second turret installation is also available. Just for shooting I took it.Overall the model is very interesting, going with a big "appetite" and desire.

Electricity is supplied to the model through the base mount. The base is the battery compartment. If you wish you can also connect the power adapter to 5 V. Separately, there are two LEDs of the lower illumination. So... purely for night illumination as a night light. Everything turns on two key switches in the rear end of the base.

Painted model of two-component automotive paint. Tinted fairy with gouache. Lacquer - semi-gloss.
Well, here is the brief description. Judge…

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  1. Spectacular !

  2. Very "cold war", fantastic build.

  3. Lovely clean work, and it looks nice on the stand as well. Well done.

  4. Excellent! This is a strong contender for model of the month! You have created a masterpiece!

  5. Friends, thank you for the nice words to my work. I am very pleased. Year effort was not in vain)))
    Excuse me for my English.

  6. Wow. Excellent work.

  7. Nicely built….good presentation.

  8. Beautifully done, Ryzhenkov...the use of the lighting really enhances the build. And don't be concerned with your English - some folks who LIVE here have trouble with it. 🙂
    Welcome to iModeler ...looking forward to more of your work.

  9. That's amazing! I love the missiles. The lighting effects are a great touch as well.

  10. Dmitry- Very nice job. Your patience and talent paid off. I have been thinking of lighting one of my models in the future and purchased microscopic LEDs, wiring, and a small circuit that simulates flashing navigation lights. Maybe my Su-30 will get that. Your bomb bay is really well done. Was that photo etch or did you manufacture the interior? All you need now is actual sound.

  11. Great model Dmitry, all those lights! well done.

  12. Colleagues, thank you for your attention to work!

  13. Really well done! Nice detail work and finishing. Well worth the year invested!

  14. Excellent work. That's a huge kit.

  15. Profile Photo
    said on June 6, 2016

    Fantastic workmanship. Hats off to you Ryzhenkov.

  16. Colleagues, thank you for the feedback!

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