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Abandoned Su-15 (1/48 Trumpeter Su-15 Flagon-A)

July 28, 2016 · in Aviation · · 11 Comments

I started this model a while back and posted a few work-in-progress articles about the build. The only after-markey I used was a photo-etch seat belt from another model. You can't really see it through the stained, cracked, and weathered canopy. The model presented some challenges and at the time I built it came to the conclusion that it was one of the worst kits I'd ever built. Nothing fit and a lot of surgery was required to get things right. In the end, though, I am pretty happy with it. I probably would like to place it on a base in order to give it some context.

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11 responses

  1. Very unique "weathering" a whole new meaning. I like it.

  2. George, you've got that seduced and abandoned thing down pat, what with this and the Fulcrum. They look like them forlorn WARPAC planes I see photos of pushed to the sides of airfields in Eastern Europe. Either made redundant by more modern stuff or too expensive to operate, awaiting the scrappers or a fabulously rich eccentric.
    She is a brute, isn't she? Couldn't mistake her for anyone elses product.
    Great work, almost (dare I say it) sad. Sic transit gloria mundi, y'all!

  3. Very convincing finish, definitely past its use-by date.

  4. Thank you, gentlemen.

  5. George, that is one ugly dude !, in other words its just about right for what your depicting. This is one of those things I've been thinking of trying, so thanks for the incentive. Very well done. I hope you have a base with some tall grass to set it on !

  6. George - very nice! I love the Flagon - I think it was one of the first modern Russian jets I built.

    I think you're on the right track of setting it on a nice base - something with tall grass and tumbleweeds (if they have those in Russia), maybe some other derelict piece of equipment. That would really put this baby in context.

  7. That looks awesome George, you've captured the abandoned look perfectly! I'm not too familiar with the subject, I'll have to do my research.

  8. That looks really cool George! Nicely weathered and worn! I agree that a nice grassy field, or maybe even a cracked and littered section of flightline would really complement this build. Nice save with a kit that rubbed you the wrong way. You really made it look like a winner!

    • Ramon- thanks for the comments. Yes, it was a very frustrating build in the beginning, but that was the challenge and it turned out to be a fun kit to build. It was probably the ugliest jet fighter ever designed so this is a fitting interpretation of it.

  9. Once again, a piece of art!

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