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Frozen Chosin

July 25, 2016 · in Diorama · 5 · 1.1K

This a depiction of a Marine unit fighting back the Red Chinese

On 27th Nov. 50, thousands of Chinese troops swarmed over the frozen Yalu River, on the N. Korean/Chinese border, cutting off US Marines in the Chosin Reservoir area. Over the next ten days the Marines, with air support from both the Navy and Marine Air Wings, fought their way out of the trap to Hungnman and safety.

I did this diorama about three years ago in honor of my brother who was a Navy Corpsman with the 1st Marines

Thanks for looking


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  1. Nice little dio, sir...35th scale I assume? An overall view (if you have one), would allow the viewer to take in the entire scene - just a thought. 🙂

  2. Tom, the figures are nicely posed and animated. The groundwork really shows how rough they had it, Winter, terrain, and a whole lot of Chinese.

  3. Very nice work, and - from my research - very accurate.

  4. Nice looking depiction of a piece of forgotten history.

  5. Gents Thanks for your comments the scale is 1/35

    Thanks again


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