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Aerospatial SA 316 Alouette 3, Grasshoppers, 300 Sqn RNLAF 1981.

August 24, 2016 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.7K

, with a few small modifications, finished in MM and Revell enamels with Future over kit and spare decals.

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  1. Another outstanding build, Allan...looks like you have this rotary-wing thing down pat. Nice work.

  2. Very neat work, Allan, especially the canopy framing.

  3. Gee that looks nice, how big/small is that chopper at 1/72?

  4. Very pristine build. Never seen whirly birds on a display team before - I pulled up a YouTube vid - wow - 4 rotary wings in aerobatic formation - by my calculation that's about 120,000 parts all flying in formation!

  5. An excellent build sir.

  6. Allan, one I don't see built very often, and in aerobatic(?) markings, to boot. Great work on the canopy framing, tough job. You are the whirlybird sensei.
    I'm ruminating that aerobatic aircraft would be a nice group build, too.

  7. Great build! I'm not a rotor-folk but this one is a little gem!

  8. Hello Allan,

    Clean looking "Grashopper"

    Excellent masking on the cockpit windows.!

    The Alouette is now history in the Dutch Air Force.

    In service 1964, out service (last four) 01 January 2016, makes 51 years of dedicated service to the Dutch Armed Forces.

    The last four were used for comms. and transport of members of the Royal Family. Also last helicopters that you could start by connecting some wires together, when the helicopter was US.

    End of career for the remaining pilots. There will be no replacement for this type of chopper.

    Few remain for the museums.

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