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Daughters first build

August 1, 2016 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.7K

My daughter has completed her first model, the MK I/II. She's not happy with it because she knocked off the mirror. Painted with Tamiya paints

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  1. Wow Lloyd...A fine looking model and for a first build, that's simply outstanding. I'd sure hate to compare that with my first model. Please pass along congratulations to her.

  2. That looks like a winner to me. Way better than my first model. I think its great, and I think the paint job and weathering came out great! How awesome that you have found a hobby to share with your little girl!

  3. I just noticed that her canopy is missing also, luckily she didn't lose it to, she just forgot to put it on when she took the pics

  4. Knocked off the mirror...? I should BE so lucky if that's all I mess up. And you said SHE took the pics...? They're better than SOME I've seen on here. You tell her she did an outstanding job all the way around. 🙂 🙂

  5. Lloyd, outstanding job, my compliments to you both! My first build wasn't near as nice.

  6. As a Spitfire aficionado, I say, very well done. I have built dozens of Spitfires over the years and if I am not knocking off the mirror, then I am knocking of the pitot tube. Happens to all of us.

  7. Now that is a very well done Spitfire.
    I think we will always remember out first model.
    I love it!
    California Steve

  8. Pull out an old model and let her learn to airbrush in detail. It's the one thing she needs to learn and all indications are it won't take long. Teach her to airbrush thinned out and tightened down, and then take her to next year's IPMS Convention, where she will blow away Ol. Fat. White. Guys. who will be most upset that they'be been beaten by an upstart gir;l master.

    Really. No kidding. Teach her advanced airbrush and she's on her way to showing jup a whole big bunch of Auld Partz.

  9. She did a fine job for her fist kit. Hope she does some more for us to see.

  10. Marvelous, I think my first kit was an Airfix Spitfire in 1/72 scale, it certainly wasn't as good as this...

  11. Ditto to all above - she did fantastic! Nice airbrush work, a little paint chipping - she'll be a master soon!

  12. Good first build.

  13. Great job, I'd hate to compare it to my current work.

  14. Begining ! nice

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