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Saro S. 45 Princess

August 25, 2016 · in Aviation · 11 · 1.7K

I completed this model about a month ago so I hope it applies as my contribution to the "Water Wings" group build.

This is a Cloudbreak Models, 1/200 resin kit of the Sanders Roe S.45 Princess. It is a finely moulded model with good detail for it's size. It can be made with the floats extended with the beaching gear or with the floats retracted in the flying mode. The fuselage comes in two sections and this is the only connection that requires some sanding to blend the pieces together. The props and the beaching gear are white metal and the tires are rubber. Clear plastic pieces are supplied for a stand which is needed not only for the flying version but for the beaching gear version. The beaching gear is very delicate and will not support the model. There are two sets of decals provided for the all silver version or the white top version. There are also some extra decals for some of the tedious spots in case a mistake is made. I have always thought the Princess was a beautiful aircraft but it came out at a time the jet age was coming and overshadowed it. This is an expensive kit but I built it for a customer and he provided it. It was a fun kit to build.

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  1. Never seen one before, any more views? BTW, what's the wingspan of the kit?

  2. Nice job.Unusual subject. I don't think I ever saw one either . resembles a pregnant C-97.

  3. Nice - but like Craig mentioned, would love to see more pics!

  4. Wow. People come up with some interesting kits and I'm glad you had a shot at this one. Beautiful as always.

  5. Definitely a beauty, Frank, your customer must have been very pleased.

  6. Frank, what a beautiful model! I had no idea there was one, given they never made the aircraft. Too expensive. But what a beauty! Imagine seeing one of them "on the step"! And all them engines straining to get it unstuck.
    First rate modeling, I'll bet your customer was pleased. Thanks for showing this, made my whole day, or week, or whatever! And the others are great, too, but this is in a class all its own!

  7. Hot dog, Frank. I'm gonna look that one up!

  8. Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments


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