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1/72 Revell Dornier Do 28D2

September 30, 2016 · in Aviation · · 26 Comments

This is Revell's 1/72 Dornier Do 28D2 of the Turkish Army Aviation.

This project has been on my mind for a long time, however due to the scarcity of the kit, it was pretty much conceptual.

Luckily, having found the kit on Facebook from a Turkish private seller, I literally jumped on it and finally turned the concept into reality!

The kit comes with the Luftwaffe Tiger Meet decals, and I used the Turkish decal and resin manufacturer Babibi Decals in order to build the Turkish version of this little beauty.

The plane itself was out of service in 1996 after serving almost 30 years as the main liaison and observation fixed wing asset of the Turkish Army Aviation Command.

Since the kit itself was/is pretty simple and lacking details (i.e. neither recessed, nor engraved panel lines), having poor cockpit details, I decided to put the emphasis on paint job and weathering in order to bring out my little product as realistic as possible.

I also had to spend some time on filling and sanding on the wings and the fuselage.

As usual, I pre-shaded the kit after airbrushing the primer.

Since the actual Turkish aircraft came from the Luftwaffe and Marine, the camouflage pattern and the colors were the same as the German ones, which was a pleasure to mask, paint and watch! I particularly like the splinter style camo on the wings!

The kit was painted with Gunze acrylics, gloss coated, decalled, and sealed with Future & Tamiya Flat Base mix.

This is the first time I post-shaded a model. You can see the post-shaded, subtle streaks on the top and bottom side of the wings, along with the vertical stabilizer.

Finally, I added minor details to enhance the realistic look such as;

• windshield wipers (scratch built from plastic and wire)

• upper radio antenna (fishing rod)

• wingtip antennae (wire)

• door steps (wire)

The Do-28 was one of the all time favourites of my childhood and I am very glad to have added the Turkish version of this oldie to my builds.

Though, a 1/48 scale of this bird, with ample details, would be a true joy to build and exhibit...


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26 responses

  1. Emre, I wondered why a Turkish plane would be in splinter. The kit isn't all that available around here, either. Not a bad looking plane, now that I'm seeing yours. Nice work, something really different in many ways. Great choice!

  2. Great job on an unusual subject. Glad you found the kit.

  3. Now that right there's a nice lookin' build...yes sir.

  4. Let's see !, you took a not so detailed kit of a boring little unknown airplane, and turned it into a real eye catching model. I say "well done Emre". This is what model building is all about ! (I really like the little wiper's.)

  5. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice clean work on a very rarely seen aircraft model Emre.
    Good choice on the national markings as well as for the splinter scheme.
    The wait as we can see was well worth it.
    Thank you for sharing the images of this build.

  6. What a cool project!

  7. Yes, looks good Emre, well done, is it a reboxed Matchbox kit?

  8. Unusual scheme and markings - a very well modelled subject.

  9. Great and clean build! Looks good, nice to see an oldie so nicelybuilt. As I guess this is a Revell reboxing of the old Matchbox kit - if yes - the surfaces are so simple that is seems like a modeling "tabula rasa" (which I think a better thing than the Matchbox "trenches" anyway). I have an original Martchbox issue in my stash made from red/white/green multicolour plastics. As my surprise Hungarian AF operated quite a number of these aircrafts and later we used the turboprop version also.

  10. Very nice! I just got this kit this weekend, and a nice heads-up for some ways to make it into a nicer model! Love the windshield wipers! And since I don't do much Turkish stuff, might just as well follow your lead and find some Turkish decals...

  11. Hello Emre,
    Job well done. As I mentioned before, it does not take fortunes to build a good model.
    The spray work pattern is executed brilliant.

  12. The best Do 28 i have seen so far !

  13. Nice work Emre - great to see this little kit built up!

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