Grumman SA-16A Albatross 1/72

January 25, 2023 · in Aviation · · 28 Comments

I have always made some effort to build Brazilian theme models, so I have several items in my collection. They usually are hard to build due most of the kits have some differences in comparison to the real thing operated in Brazil, so needs some conversions, sometimes very difficult to do.

This is the Grumman SA-16B scale 1957 mold, probably purchased from Lencratf - Springville, CA (nostalgic store). I started building this model probably in 2001, so due to so much hard to do conversions I became boroughed left it aside for all this time. Last September I decided to finish it at last, after rescuing my first research notes.

In addition to the necessary changes due to the Brazilian version being the "A" the kit naturally needs many corrections, and the most difficult "tasks" were on shapes and dimensions. I printed In Action book profiles in exact scale to work the parts over them.

These are the main changes on the model parts:
Span reduction with cutting of a wing section and wing tip shape.
Dimension and shape of horizontal stabilizer.
Dimension and shape of vertical stabilizer and rudder.
Engine nacelles length.
All antennas and radar.

General adds and improvings:
Bearded rivests (LOL);
Wheels settings;
Clear parts polishing;
Simple cockpit;
Resin engines by Engine and Things;
Inserted clear lights;
All decals are homemade in an Epson Ecotank L3250 printer;
And so on.

But that's not all, it had many more changes needed.

First putting in Squadron Green Putty;
First primer layers in automotive nitrocellulose lacquer, scratched after years;
And now, Tamiya White Putty and all primer, paintings and clear in polyester by Dryco.

Main help from my dear friend, moving encyclopedia (LOL) José Alvarenga.

História da Força Aérea Brasilelira by Aparecido Camazano Alamino.

Aeronaves Militares Brasileira 1916 - 2015 - Book.
Flores junior, jackson - isbn: 9788585654412

Very old Brazilian magazines, such as Voar and Flap.

HU-16 Albatross - In Action Book.

FCM Decals 1/144 scale instruction sheet.

Well, finally ready after more than 20 years (phew!) and dozens of beers, and now an important and beautiful item in my collection.


Roberto Lucio - Bob
[email protected]
+55 84 99993-0064

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28 responses

  1. Fabulous work Roberto. Thank you for sharing the build process. Your display case is impressively stocked ! And …I’m not alone in having a Beer now and then while modelling !

  2. That is some fantastic work and dedication! My favorite photo is the one of you and your grandson.

  3. Muito bom teu trabalho Bob,grande abraço!

  4. Excellent work Roberto, I'm glad you finished it to share with us.

  5. Sharp looking model, and I love your set-up!

  6. Parabéns, bela e emblemática máquina.

  7. Excellent result on this Brasilian variant, Roberto @boblucio
    All your modification, addition and improvements are perfectly done.
    Ofcourse having company from your grandson does help a lot.
    Well done.

  8. Excellent tesult indeed, Roberto! What a conversion!

  9. A beautiful Albatross! Lots of TLC and elbow grease went into that! Very nice collection, and a handsome modeling companion. Hopefully you passed the modeling gene onto him...

  10. A lot of work on display there - it really paid off.

  11. I agree with Tom & the others... excellent work on this model !

  12. I enjoy improving and detailing old models but I think your work goes beyond anything I've attempted. Excellent result and great modelling skills.

  13. Real determination, research, and modelling talent has resulted in a brilliant model, Roberto, many congratulations to you and your grandson.

  14. Well done, Roberto (@boblucio). This kit has long been a favorite of mine, but it requires a lot of work to bring up to the standard you have achieved here. The extra work certainly paid off! I like Brazilian paint schemes and have built a couple of planes in Brazilian colors. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  15. Roberto @boblucio, beautiful work. Your patience and learned skills made this a wonderful build. I can see that you put in your heart and soul in this build. The respect for its country and the men who flew it shines brightly!

  16. Well done Roberto, nice conversion and decals.

  17. I remember seeing these, painted exactly like that, when I lived in Florianópolis in the 70s. Congratulations. Um abraço irmão.

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