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1/72nd Revell McDonnell Douglas F-101B Voodoo Texas Air Guard

September 5, 2016 · in Aviation · · 17 · 3.5K

The excellent F-101B new tool kit first appeared in 1993. Can you believe how old it is now. This one I've had this long as I bought in Hobby Haven in Milford, Ct when it was first released by Revell. I was TAD at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford at the time, as we were taking delivery of our final 2 HH-60H helos. It was an amazing year at Sikorsky, going to the plant seeing the production lines, of Seahawks, Sea Stallions, Blackhawks, getting a close up view of the Commanche prototype before being cancelled
This kit has been through several moves, as I had intended to start it a few years ago, but somehow lost the clear sprue and the instruction sheet. So it was shelved before I can get started on it. The kit itself was out of production for quite awhile. So it was difficult looking for a spare clear sprue. Then finally being able to get one from someone at ARC. And when Revell finally repopped the F-101B I bought one for the instructions and will build the 2nd one at a later date. I have built most of the Monogram 48th century series kits, but never the 101. So I can's say if the Revell kit is just the 48th kit downsized. The F-101B in 72nd scale is finely detailed, closer to a Hasegawa kit in engineering and details. Lot's of parts for this scale. decals are excellent, I used the decals from the repop for this build. The only aftermarket used for this are a set of True Details seats. Otherwise it is all Revell. I have to say that when Revell/Monogram released this kit back in the early 90's it was on par with Hasegawa's quality and detail. The other kit that was released about the same time if I remember was the F-89 Scorpion. The only trouble was installing the cockpit, as had been mentioned before Revells instruction at times can be vague. But after some fiddling around got it to go in. The rest of the build was uneventful. Just a really fun kit to work with. A chose an ADC scheme as it is just really sets the profile of an . And it is really big even in this scale. I didn't realize how much larger than an F-4 it really is. I had started the kit earlier in the year and set it aside. But when the F-4 GB started, it motivated me to finish it as well. I used Humbrol for the ADC Grey. Glossy finish, decals are from the 2nd Revell F-101B of 111th Fighter Intercept Squadron of the Texas Air National Guard. Confirgured it clean with drop tanks. The presents a nice profile at any angle you view her. One of the most elegant airframes to fly. Though now quite old, there is no other F-101B that have been produced since this kit appeared. Hasegawa has a much older "C". Otherwise I cannot think of any other variant on the market today in this scale. Still a good kit. Thanks for viewing.

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  1. I can always tell your stuff, Chuck (even before I see your name)...the background gives it away. 🙂
    Actually, I thought it was the 48th kit...nice work.

  2. She looks good! I just finished the 1/48 with the RF-101C conversion from C+H Aero, but it suffered a "dusting" accident the other day. I will post Photos after repairs are complete. You are correct, these were large aircraft! Nice work.

    • Hi Jeff, that is one project I did look into, but missed the opportunity to pick up the conversion set for the Monogram kit. and still don't even have the kit itself in the stash. Looking forward to seeing it.

  3. Real nice! Matchbox did a B kit many moons ago, not anywhere near as good as this one. I think Valom has an A&C version now in 1/72

  4. Good looking model Chuck.

  5. Great looking 101! I've got the Hasegawa RF-101C (1/72) in paint now, and also purchased the Revell re-box of this one - plan to do ADC grey like yours, so yours is a nice reference! I do love the century series stuff - each one was so distinct. Seems like in the 70's everything began to kind of migrate to similar shapes and planforms, whereas in the 60s folks were still experimenting with different aerodynamic ideas.

    I'm also trying to figure out easiest way to get to an F-101B, as that's what my dad flew out of Bentwaters AFB, England in the 60's. Metal finish with some really colorful tail colors. I've seen a conversion nose before but haven't found one for sale lately.

    • Thanks Greg, it was the Phantom GB that got me to finally finish the 101 while working on the F-4. We have Chino nearby to walk around an F-101 and also March AFB museum I believe also has a 101 as well. So I have at least a pair of Voodoos not to far away.

  6. This and the F-89 were two of Revells best, IMHO.
    The F-89 might have been a scaledown of their 48th, which came in F-89D/J and -C. It is a BIG model.
    I know there are Valom kits, I have yet to see one built, anyplace.

    • I thought so, though the F-89 never really piqued my interest despite it's size, even larger than the Voodoo. I am with you in regard to Valom kits, I haven't seen one built or reviewed. So I don't know much about them.

  7. Chuck, great looking Voodoo. Very well done on a classic kit/airplane. I also like to thank for your comments in the article on Johns zero. You said what a lot of us think.

  8. Thanks Terry, you know there are times when you need to just step up and say hey. But then I'm more of a laid back sort in demeanor, at times though enough is enough. And things need to be said. Or at least be more direct.

  9. Beautiful looking model, thanks for sharing it with us, Chuck.

  10. Nice build Chuck, great to see the "old Voodoo" built.

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