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A Couple Of Cool Cats

September 30, 2016 · in Automotive · · 19 Comments

Don't know exactly why, but I just think the XJR-9LM is a really cool looking racer and I knew I wanted to build it one day. I have had both the and the kits in the stash for quite some time, and I finally pulled the trigger on the project…..twice.

The Tamiya kit includes an engine in their offering whereas the Hasegawa is basically a curbside model. The kits are similar in construction and both offer very complex decal challenges. Obviously the Tamiya kit with the engine requires a bit more effort and allows you some opportunities to do a bit of plumbing in the engine bay. Thanks to Google the are plenty of reference photos available.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses

  1. Very smart. I wouldn't tackle it. But I like it.

  2. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice clean work Jack. Both are very good representations of the type. But I, in my opinion, see the Tamiya model as a more stand out, not because of the nice engine detail but for it's color livery, that shade of purple really captivates the eye as does the metal sheen. Very nice work.

  3. Very nice! I can see why these decals are "complicated" going edge-to-edge like that. Building aircraft, that is rarely a problem (at least in standard military schemes). They are both sharp-looking cars.

  4. Excellent work, Jack...very nice!

  5. A pair of cool cats Jack.
    Very nice to see.

  6. Jack, yours was the 5000th article posted at iModeler... wow! Thanks for sharing. Such a great pair, nice choice of subject (personally I love Jaguar cars, almost all of them) and great execution.

    • WOW…that's great. Where are the balloons, hats and horns for hitting that milestone? This is an amazing site Martin. You can see it growing daily as subjects do not spend much time on the Headline page these days.

  7. Jack, well done on both of them. The decals alone would put me off, despite the fine lines!

  8. You make these builds look so real, great job.

  9. Difficult to think of a better choice for posting the 5,000th article! Great work, Jack, I think the Tamiya kit stands out, but the Fujimi one captures the look as well. Now, if only one of them would do a kit of the D-type as well, only in my dreams!

  10. Those are beautiful Jack. Well done! George mentioned a D-type. I built a 1/35 one years ago. I don't remember the maker. But a new pop of a D-type would indeed be nice.
    Great decal work also.
    California Steve

  11. Two lovely models Jack, well done.

  12. Very impressive duo Jack. When I built the Hasegawa kit I had to paint areas that the purple decals didn't cover, primarily on the nose. Did you have a similar issue with the Tamiya kit, and if so what paint did you use?
    Once again, very well done.

  13. Very nice, Jack, They look fast just standing still.

  14. Amazing Jack! Impressive work on the engine on the Tamiya.
    I have one in the cupboard. I've taken a bit of a shine to some photos I spied once of a matt black XJ9 test car, so I'm tempted to go with that when I eventually get round to it. Or a metallic silver road going conversion... not decided!
    Fantastic work on these two, and a memorable article for all of us with a passion for motor sport!

  15. Great work, Jack. They ran in a terrific couple of series in their day. Fast, loud and dangerous.

  16. Fantastic work, Jack. Imodeler is a great place for racers in scale.

  17. Great work. Having built the purple cat I know how tricky the decals are! Lovely models.

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