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Bad Alice

October 7, 2016 · in Figures · · 39 · 2.6K

This character vignette is based on the Lewis Carroll creations, Alice and the March Hare, the latter more commonly known as the White Rabbit.

The theme arises from two well-known quotes from the book, "The time! the time! Who's got the time?" and "There's only one way to stop a MAD WATCH."

The 'Bad' Alice figure is a finely cast 80mm resin offering from . The WR, from Swash Designs, is also resin, though not scaled. The company's policy is not to scale fantasy figures, which can be awkward, but fortunately works well in this case against the scale of the Alice figure.

Both figures have their own bases, the Rabbit's a plain disc that can be detailed with grass/flowers, and for the Alice figure a large mushroom on a base detailed with small terrain features and playing cards; she holds a teacup, presumably a reference to the hallucinogenic qualities of the mushroom. Because of the theme I chose, these 'kit' features are redundant, and Alice instead now perches on, and holds, a few watch parts.

The seating details are vintage watch spares, various, sprayed with metallic lacquers.

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  1. Clever and very well done. Enjoyed the view as "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane plays in my mind.

  2. I like the vignette as such, but I must say that I particularly like the Rabbit - it has loads of character. Well done, and a great choice of subject

  3. Excellent work and presentation. I have to say though it's more "Bad Rob" than "Bad Alice"?

  4. Bad bad Alice. Looks great.

  5. Rob, where do you find this stuff? Beautifully, er, wickedly done! The white rabbit looks just like I'd pictured him, poor devil. Lewis Carroll is probably rotating in his tomb.

    • Thanks, Bernard. By the way, I just reposted the images. I think with first postings I went a little OTT with the contrast and it grained the appearance of the finishes. Hopefully a little better now.

  6. Nice one Rob, the Bad Alice looks stunning mate, great painting, well done.

  7. Very creative/artistic display - love all the watch pieces - brings the whole thing together nicely. As always your paint/finishing work is excellent!

  8. Quite essentially English Rob.
    Fantastic brush work, lovely diorama/vignette.

  9. Profile Photo
    said on October 7, 2016

    Very nicely done and well presented.

  10. This is one of my favorites Rob. I love the way she is holding one of the gears of the watch. Your Rabbit looks quite mad O'l boy.
    Very well done Rob.
    California Steve

  11. Alice looks very different to the one pictured in my childhood books, but I think I prefer the "adult" version. Great work, Rob.

  12. A nice pair! Many ways twisted set. Very much lifelike or fantasylike characters with fine painting - like 3D oil on canvas master painting. What paints (oil/acrl/enamel) have you used if I may ask?

    • Thanks. Vallejo for initial base coats, then same colours with white/black added to establish first shadows/highlights but thinned to a veil with water, followed by second shadow/highlight in stronger mix but still thinned to a veil, and lastly artists oils thinned with white spirit to get a creamy look.

      Artists matte varnish over all - it has beeswax in it and you set the bottle in warm water a few minutes to reduce the wax into the main medium. Apply one or two thin coats. Leave for several days to dry down and harden off.

      My figure-painter friends bemoan my total lack of technique of course, but taking it from a lump of grey resin to this, I'm reasonably happy with the result.

      • Thank you for the detailed information. I have a resin kit waiting for me. I know nothing about them yet. This helps. 🙂

        • For all aspiring figure painters, even if it's only to improve the look of tankers or pilots in a vignette, I can highly recommend Joaquin Garcia Gazquez's "The Paint Guide for Figures of WW2" (Historie & Collections, 2013, English translation from the French by Kent Brazeau)- which covers painting flesh, uniforms, leather, camo, etc., and is a great go-to guide to hone your initial skills.

          Oh, and a quick tip: make sure the figure is washed with a little warm water and mild soap, and dried before painting - there's a release agent on the surface used to clear the moulds. Same as for plastic.

  13. Perfect Rob,outstanding build and paintwork.

  14. Hi Rob. This conjours up memories of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit performed at Woodstock by " Acid Queen" Grace Slick. Awesome song to go with this little gem. Well done!

  15. Now, that is just brilliant Rob! Alice is not quite how I always imagined her but I'm more than happy to be re-educated! Figures are a dark art but that's one great result!

  16. Sex sells...even when fully clothed and painted up right with a crazed rabbit.
    Two thumbs up Rob.

  17. "Bad" Alice looks pretty GOOD if ya ask me. I love it! 🙂

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