Avro 504 K

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This beautiful 504 K is a real classic and can be seen at the MOSI museum in , England. The 504 was designed in 1913 and was used as a standard trainer for RFC and later RAF during WW 1 and post war. Many were sold as surplus after the war and used for joyriding and as airliners. From May 1919 504s were used as the first scheduled airliners in Great Britain, running services from Blackpool to Southport and Manchester. This particular aircraft was constructed from spare parts in 1930 and used for joyriding.

I have a bunch of models from Wing nut wings, not sure when I will start building them. Guess I´m still waiting for an Avro 504K to come out of the New Zeeland factory. Surely we mustn´t wait much longer, what you say? A Curtiss Jenny and a BE 2 must be in the pipeline as well...

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  1. I did the Blue Max Avro 504 about 12 years ago. Would love to see one from WNW. Also a Jenny would be very nice.

  2. Beautiful set of photos, sir...thank you.

  3. This is another outstanding article Stellan. Thank you for posting these fantastic up close detail photos. I have a small electric powered RC version of this one, and eventually plan on scratch building a much larger version eventually... I especially like the "patina" in the paint, where the dopes have cracked due to age. That is a sure sign it's a "golden oldie". Like you I would like to see a Curtiss Jenny or even a BE-2 get released soon. And a Bleriot XI would be a good one too...

    Thanks for sharing these with us.

    • Thank you, Louis. Trying to do my best whenever I visit a museum to gather information that can be used for building an accurate model or simply to understand the machine. Interesting how the most basic and most used aircraft seldom is released as models. Too basic, too boring? While whining I hereby ask Airfix to go bigger on the Tiger Moth, say 1/48, 1/32, 1/24. It´s a shame no main stream brand has made a high standard model of the Tiggie.

  4. This is the 504 at Hendon RAF museum, London, she is a real beauty. If you get the chance to visit their spectacular WW1 hall it's well worth it.

  5. Well, Stellan, the 504 is representative of my favourite aircraft types 1914-1918: punchy engines bolted into wood and canvas, with a taster of metal cowling every now and again.

    Cheers for posting.

  6. Stellan, Hendon has changed beyond all recognition over the last couple of years and it's absolutely amazing. The WW1 hall is incredible and of course you have Hannants up the road, the most amazingly stocked model shop.

  7. Great photos, Stellan! I had the joy and opportunity to see one of these flying at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome back in the mid 1970s. Quite a machine. I like the small "skid" on the landing gear put there so new pilots would be less likely to stand on on its' nose in training.

    • Thanks, Jeff! Old Rhinebeck is always popping up when it comes to classic machines. Must be a fantastic treat to see all machines. Yeah, the skid is something to like. Many machines had them in the early years, guess bumpy fields and crappy landing characteristics made them useful.

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