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Su-35S 1/72

October 31, 2016 · in Aviation · · 25 · 2.6K

Hello, dear colleagues.

I put on your court its next model of aircraft, which already made a lot of noise on the world stage. A prototype was Board 901. But in its short history it has undergone several changes, at least it looks like the disappearance/addition of various sensors on Board. I select one of the last options. Kit of Hasegawa. Painted with colors of Mr.Color, Tamiya. Especially had some trouble with the nozzles. So many shades on them. Used metallics from AK-Interactive Tamiya. Looking at pictures of real aircraft and tried to repeat it. Turned or not, to judge you. Unfortunately the camera is not handed the game shades of metallics, of which there are more than a dozen.

Small sensors in the bow and around the cabin was not. Did himself.

Decal 901 homemade.

That's all. Please judge.

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  1. In short : AWESOME !
    The perfect made paint work is a real head turner, the metallic shades look convincing.
    Is this a Zvezda kit ?

  2. Those 'burner cans' look fantastic! And that splinter scheme paint job is 'killer'! Great photography as well. Spectacular job all around, sir. I love it.

  3. I love the Sukhoi aircraft, and this one is especially nice with this unusual scheme. Well done.

  4. That paint scheme is really dramatic and the metal work is superb. A very good job all the way around. Very impressive.

  5. Like all have said above - excellent workmanship and a beautifully done aircraft! I'm partial to 1/72 scale, and love the finishing detail you achieved - especially the metal work - it's fantastic!

  6. Tom, Greg, Thank you!

  7. Great work on a great looking aircraft. Well done.

  8. I can appreciate trying to achieve the splinter scheme you have done. Tons of masking involved. You really nailed it. Looks great !

  9. Nice work. great paint scheme.

  10. Colleagues, thank you for the comments!
    Louis, I really used a lot of masks for painting. The process is very time consuming.

  11. Very nice work, Dmitry! I saw this prototype in action at MAKS2009 and 2011. Are you sure about the VVS ROSSII markings on the fin? Never seen those on this first prototype.

    Here are some photos I took of the real bird:

  12. Yes, very nice Dmitry, lovely detail, well done.

  13. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice work Dmitry. Your metal finish is very convincing as well as the paint scheme and colors.

  14. Colleagues, thank you very much for your attention to this work!

  15. Cool build mate! I like the camo, very different! Great work on the metallic exhausts as well.

  16. Nice paint

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