BIG BANG for the BUCK!

June 11, 2017 · in Armor · · 8 Comments

In the spirit of building something completely different, I give you my interpretation of a Quick Reaction Vehicle. Started out with 's cool (and cheap) little () -A2 TOW missile carrier (and ended up with a bunch of cool TOW parts for the next creative creation ?). Added a few parts donated by an M966 (also by Tamiya and also cheap). The rest is inspiration and lots of pictures, articles and videos from Google. Just a few details here and there. I hope you like it!

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Nice lookin' build, Roberto...I like it a lot.

  2. LIKE it Roberto its a vehicle! and you have added so much extra gear to it,really brings out the best in a cheap model,Well done.A Big Bang From ME.

    • Thanks Jim. This perticular one will run around $12.00 and the M966 can be had for around $16.00 (including shipping). Since all components are interchangeable, you end up with enough parts for a couple of nice builds.

  3. Sharp looking little build.

  4. Nice! I could use one of these on the local highways by me.

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