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1/35 Tamiya JS-3 Stalin Tank

Here’s one fresh off the work bench. I just finished up the pastel weathering. It has been built for a little while, but was lacking the final details.

It has Fruilmodel tracks, and I fabricated tow cables from copper wire. I used “ultra bright” bare metal foil to cover the headlight.

Other than that it’s pretty much built right out of the box. I built the commander but I haven’t painted the figure yet. It was painted in a single green color using Model Master “Russian Armor Green”. Then I “dirtied” it up using Tamiya pastels.

I’m debating whether or not to remove a track link from each side. To me the track sag looks too extreme. I know that the Soviet and German tanks had “loose” tracks, but as an old tanker, I would be afraid of tossing the track if this was real.

What do you all think ???

As always comments are welcome.

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12 responses to 1/35 Tamiya JS-3 Stalin Tank

  1. What a lovely beast, great job.

  2. I’ll bet the real thing was a MONSTER in person. I’ve seen numerous Soviet / Warsaw Pact armored vehicles up close and personal. They had a crudeness to them compared to our US vehicles…….. But hey they worked, and a million of them were built.
    Thanks Robert !!!!

  3. Nice work, Louis….good pics, too. 2 thumbs up!

  4. The Stalin tanks were incredible killing machines and your Js-3 looks really sharp !
    As said on your Tiger Topic, the paintwork is excellent as well the weathering.
    I think you have captured the “sack” of the tracks really good
    Well done !
    More Tanks please 🙂

  5. Very sweet job, mean looking monster.
    I’d take a link out. These were post-war machines, probably not allowed to get as loose as a war baby. JS-2’s, yes.

  6. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 )
    Very nice work on that Stalin tank Louis.
    The “SLACK” on the tracks looks ok, but you can try, as you say, taking 1 or 2 links from one side and compare the looks of it by viewing the other side.

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