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Water Wings group build – Cessna 172 floatplane, Arii 1/72

Here’s my warmup for the group build. This is the Arii Cessna 172, which contains parts for both wheels and floats. The model represents a late 1970’s Skyhawk equipped with Wipline floats. Fit was ok but not great, and the decals were iffy even after being coated with Microscale decal film. The wing stripes aren’t installed because they disintegrated, while the fuselage striping was obviously not measured for this kit before throwing them in the box, so they didn’t fit without some major trimming. Cockpit was actually pretty nice but can’t be seen through the Coke bottle thick clear pieces. No aftermarket is available for this one, so it’s pretty much out of the box.

The Cessna 172 holds the distinction of being the most produced aircraft in history, with over 43,000 being built between 1955 and the present. This is even more remarkable because production stopped for almost ten years in the late 80’s. A 172 holds the world flight endurance record of 64 days, 22 hours, set by a modified airplane in 1958 over Las Vegas, NV, as a fund raiser for a cancer foundation.

Remember, the deadline for the group build is March 1, 2017, so there is still plenty of time to participate. Hope to see more builds soon!

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5 responses to Water Wings group build – Cessna 172 floatplane, Arii 1/72

  1. Nice lookin’ build, Jaime….I like it.

  2. Nice to see another 1/72 build – especially small single-engine! Smart-looking 172. You say “warm up,” so you got something else coming for the group build too? (I didn’t look back at your original post…)

  3. Good looking Cessna, Jaime.

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