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More Hellcats...

December 7, 2016 · in Aviation · · 22 · 1.6K

To join the parade, here are four from my shelves.

Pic #1 1/32nd built as a -3
Pic #2 1/48th Hasegawa F6F-3
Pic #3 1/48th F6F-3
Pic #4 1/48th Hasegawa F6F-5

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  1. Nice work as always, Jim...and accurate (as I know they would be) , coming from YOUR bench. Thanks for sharing your builds.

  2. "Oh Hellcat", these are nice !, Great group of big blue airplanes, Jim !

  3. Beautiful work. Nice post war bird, what squadron is it from?

  4. truely beautiful collection Jim.l..great taste

  5. Thanks Bob, there are so many possibilities for marking a Hellcat that it would take quite a while to run out of options. Pretty much the same with F4U's.

  6. Next to the F4U, the Hellcat is my favorite plane. Just like you said about the production from beginning to the end, there were not too many visible changes. Plus it has an outstanding combat record to boot. I met a F6F pilot a while ago and we had a great conversation about it.
    Your models are superb, and historically accurate as well. Thanks for sharing your collection with us.

  7. Hello Louis...Thanks for your kind comments. Like yourself I have had the privilege of speaking to Corsair and Hellcat pilots whom I hold in high regard for their service to our country. The stories they tell are fascinating and quite informative. A smart hand salute to them all.

  8. Great looking birds Jim!

  9. Nice flight of Hellcats, Jim.

  10. Another nice gaggle of Cats! I really like the scheme of the 2nd one with the white trim - very eye-catching.

    My only lament (to ALL the Hellcat posts) is that I didn't remember seeing a single one in 1/72! Hello out there...?!

  11. Hello Greg...I noticed that too and there are some fine 1/72nd kits out there. Personally I don't model 1/72nd any more unless it's a bigger bird like a P2V or C-130. My eyesight even with an Optivisor is just not good enough for detail work on fighters in that scale. 1/48th suits me much better. I like 1/32nd too but don't build many now as I simply don't have the display room.

  12. My eyes aren't what they used to be either. That's why I got rid of my 1/72 stuff. Now I mainly build 1/48 and 1/32 in aircraft, while sticking to 1/35 in armor. Sucks getting older. But hey, it sure beats the alternative of not getting older ...

  13. A great selection of Hellcats. My second favorite Grumman bird after the Tomcat.
    Thanks for showing.

  14. Thank you Nikola. I'm a Tomcat fan too.

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