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My Modelling Year (Theme)

December 3, 2016 · in News · · 18 · 1.6K

Having recently completed my final project for 2016, I wanted to look back at the 'modelling year' to review the annual plan hopefully to find I hadn't deviated from it too much.

In terms of subject, the weighting was towards dioramas and vignettes, with the occasional wild-card project.

"With the Old Breed"

"Fiat Mefistofele, 1924"


"HM Bomb Vessel Granado, 1756"

"Sukhoi Su-30"

"Last Orders"

"Crossing Over"

"All or Nothing"

"SU 122"

"Bad Alice"


"Storm Griffin"

"Halberstadt CL.II"

I've made a point of completing a few more projects this year than usual, as my principal project for 2017 is the 1/94 wooden ship model of , which will take about six months to complete, and I wanted to still have entries available for the 2017 club and regional competition circuit, hence the 2016 "overload."

The "Victory" model is 80cm in height and more than a metre in length; it's also under full sail. Here are a few inspirational images of the actual ship at Portsmouth Naval Yard, and also the suitcase of wood, brass, rigging and canvas that I hope to turn into a worthwhile model.

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I want to close by thanking Martin for all his hard work in maintaining a high performance website, and to my fellow modellers for their comments and their own inspirational Headlines throughout the year.


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  1. Well Rob, you are productive. If I completed only two projects at the level you are working at in a year, I would be a happy camper. Don't know how you do but, but please keep it up.

  2. You are certainly one of the top regular contributors to this site, Rob, and, I suspect, will complete the HMS Victory sooner that we think. Thanks for all your 2016 postings, and looking forward to an even more successful 2017.

  3. Quite the prolific modeler, must leave little time for anything else. I certainly couldn't keep that pace - AND at that level of expertise. Thank you for sharing your work.

  4. Great review. can't wait to see Victory complete.

  5. Rob, congratulations on your builds and their quality. Looking forward to seeing Victory. Looks a real challenge!

  6. Nice quality work, Well done Rob. I'd like to see the that HMS Victory in person some day. It looks magnificent !, Do they have that displayed in some sort of dry dock ?

  7. Well done Rob ! Prolific indeed.

  8. Yikes! What a year. You are a busy man, and even have time to entertain us on Friday. Outstanding work.

  9. Interesting assortment of builds I must confess. And all done with high quality. Now when you already have shown the full build line for this year you can not produce another kit. Not officially anyway 😉

  10. Wow buddy ! You have built more this year than I have accomplished in several years. In addition, all of your subjects are masterpieces. I don't see how you manage to do it... but I'm glad you do. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • I'm really looking forward to seeing the HMS Victory completed. As a kid I had the large Revell USS Constitution. I managed to get most of it done. Sadly it was never finished though. I still have a soft spot for these fine old ships...

  11. Man great stuff I love "Year in review" posts!

  12. Excellent modelling Rob. Your range of interest is really amazing.

  13. Very impressive, in variety, detail, quality, quantity and most of all visual interest! I doff my cap to yer!

  14. magnificent year Rob

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