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Monogram 1/48 Focke Wulf 190A-2…

This is a model I built quite some time ago, but I thought I would throw it into the iModeler brewing pot in case it might interest a couple of folks. But, it is not a P-40! It’s from the old Monogram FW 190A-7 (?) kit that could be built in several versions a la Monogram. I chose to take that a step further by converting it into an early “short nose” A-2. This involved cutting a section out of the front of the fuselage, just behind the engine cowling, and re joining the cowling to the fuselage. Also the early 190s featured inner landing gear doors which I added. The model represents “Red 17”, an aircraft of JG 2 “Richtofen” in France, circa 1942.

I tend to like the early versions of aircraft. That’s why I like the early Spitfires, with the 8 gun wing, but then I also like the later Griffon engine versions, but not so much the marks in between. Anyway, I like the look of these early short nose 190s, with the antenna going into the top of the fin, without a post. And the inner gear doors kind of finish it off with a bit more class.

Reference for this model was from Volume 1 of the 2 volume monograph by Kookaburra in Australia, by Geoffrey Pentland and Anthony Shennan. The specific machine was featured in a color 3 view on the back cover (photo attached). Don’t ask me why, but for some reason I included the outer wing guns from the kit, even though the art doesn’t show this a/c as having them. Probably due to some other reference I had (maybe the Arco book by Gordon Swanborough and William Green), and misinterpreted! Anyway, too late now, it’s water under the bridge.

Paints were undoubtedly Pactra enamels, and I think this was one of my first forays into airbrushing. I used Pactra paints thinned with lacquer thinner (what a great smell, until it kills you!) for a good many years before changing to acrylics.

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21 responses to Monogram 1/48 Focke Wulf 190A-2…

  1. Wow…it MUST be old – I don’t even remember a Monogram FW-190 (although I’m sure there WAS one – I do good to remember what happened yesterday!).
    However, that certainly is a good-lookin’ rendition thereof….and great photo’s as well. Nice work.

  2. You really put a lot of work into that kit, and it came looking great.

  3. Very nice and clean build! Lovely finish.

  4. Wicked looking Robert.

  5. Very nice work. Is this the one that had folding gear and was heavy on the rivets?

    • Al,
      It looks like the main gear could possibly fold into the wing, I can’t really remember, but I glued mine in position. It does have a lot of raised rivets, though it appears I may have sanded them down somewhat. That was a technique I used a lot on the old raised detail kits, paint the model, then lightly sand to have the detail revealed. In the days before rescribing and all that bothersome stuff!

  6. I remember building a few of these when I was a lot younger, but none of them came out as nice as yours did!

  7. Good work on this old kit, Robert. Mine never got it on the shelves, if i
    remember correctly, there were no wheel wells, so you create them ?!
    It is not a A-7/A-8 because the gun panels before the windscreen are flat
    It is more a A-5 but after all, no P-40 ; – )

    • Bernd,
      Thanks for your comment and info, you sound pretty knowledgeable about 190 specs, so the Monogram kit is more an A-5 than an A-7/8. But mine is now an A-2! You are right, the wheel wells had to be boxed in with sheet plastic, an interesting job, which I had to do on several of these old Monogram and Revell kits.

      • Hi Robert, the radial engined 190s are very similar in appearance and yes i got some literature about this type, currently i do two Eduard kits, this built will be posted in the near future, with in progress pics.It is very nice to see this old modells build, like yours ,so well

  8. One of my favorite kits as a kid, great job. I still remember building one on a TV tray watching MASH after dinner one night!

  9. Nice work, Robert. The old Monogram kits were/are still fun. At the time, they were quite an improvement over Aurora.

  10. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. It’s nice to know the old Monogram kits can still look pretty good, and bring some compliments!

  11. Old Monogram kits seem to gather favour on iModeler, and seeing what you’ve done with this one, I can see why.

  12. Great build Robert. Wow, I remember building the Monogram Fw190 as a kid years back! Was a great kit indeed for it’s day. Good engraving and Monogram led the way in clear and thin canopies. Seem to recall the pilot fugure was well executed also, with the typical close fitting Luftwaffe flying helmet. Pity pilot figures seem to have gone out of fashion these days.

  13. bob,
    What, no shark mouth? You did a great job on this kit. I built one of these a very long time ago. I painted it with a brush and gloss Testors enamel. After I go my first airbrush, a Binks, I stripped it of it,s paint and re-painted it with the airbrush. It was my very first aircraft done with the airbrush. I still have it but it is nowhere near as good as yours.

  14. Glad I found your post. I’m building this same kit right now as and A-7, Red 23+ of Hienze Barr. I started back modeling after a 35+ year hiatus and got my stash of kits out of the attic. This one was a 1999 re-release of the 1969 kit that my oldest son bought many years ago. Cheers.

  15. Beautiful build of a classic kit. I’ll take old Monogram over ANY of the new stuff, all day long…

  16. The early Fw 190’s do look great

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