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SuE Argentinia 203 – Kinetic, 1:48

December 11, 2016 · in Aviation · · 22 · 4.5K

Dear modeller-friends,
here are some photos of my recent build, a Dassault Breguet from Argentinia-Airforce during Falkland war. The build was a lot of fun, no serious troubles with this kit. It is built OOB, only added only some PE-parts for the cockpit from my inventory (there are some PE-parts included in the kit as well).
Hope you enjoy the pics, Cheers, Christian

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22 responses

  1. Looks wonderful. Really like your way of surface weathering - makes the grey scheme come alive in the most convincing way.

  2. Great result again, Christian.
    Is the final coat a bit more glossy than in your recent builds or am I mistaken?

  3. Thank you very much my friends! @halvar, you are right, the last Layer is indeed a glossy clearcoat, as I see this on the reference pics...Cheers Christian

  4. Beautiful finish on this model, Christian.

  5. Mr. just keep turnin' out one great presentation after another!

  6. Christian, I'm becoming a big fan of your builds. Good looking model here.

  7. Thanks again for your motivating words!

  8. Excellent work, interesting subject.

  9. The reason it's glossy is because these airplanes had only been in Argentina less than six months at the time of the Falklands War, so not so much weathering, though they did get 'weathered in the South Atlantic on the few missions they flew. So this is a very accurate representation of the airplane at the time of the conflict. Excellent work.

    • Hello Tom, this is exactly what I have been thinking about the reason...also the Exocet missile is very clean as they appear to be very new (I have read that Argentinia only got 5 Exocet from France before Falklkand-war). And many thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! Cheers, Christian

    • as a veteran of that conflict I really got great memories of this wonderful jet!.. Also and more important I have to say your Sue looks awesome. Cheers!..

  10. Nice work, Christian!

  11. Wow another fantastic build! The "Exocet" missile looks good too. I really like everything about this one... The word Masterpiece comes to mind.

  12. Great job. Don't see many of these built. Love the weathering

  13. She's a real beauty Christian! You just keep churning out high-caliber projects!

  14. Thank you very much for your feedback gents, its not a perfect build but I like the unusual scheme and the story "behind" the jet! Christian

  15. Another stunner Christian! You must have quite a collection now!

  16. Have always liked the Etendard and wanted to do a FRN bird, but the Argentinian colors may sway me to this scheme (Or a second bird!). The Exocet looked comical on these, like a Rascal on a B-47 or an Atoll on a MiG-23. They are just huge! Great job bringing it to life!

  17. Thanks Richard and Josh, yes the Exocet looks huge on this Jet. The new kit from Kitty-Hawk is on my wishlist as well, maybe I try a French Aircraft next time.

  18. Beautifully done Christian! Excellent model you've built there; there are lot's of great stories from the Falklands War. I remember closely following the news during that conflict. I'd love to have an Etendard in my collection and yours is a beauty! Bravo sir! 🙂

  19. Hello Christian,
    Excellent replica of this Light Attack Aircraft that served France and Argentina so well. Just checked my Argentine library, first batch delivered by the first of May 1982. Total delivery 14. No idea how many are still operational after more than 33 years of service.
    Very successful aircraft, but no interest from other NATO country's.

    The Netherlands.

  20. Thanks Dirk for the additional information, and your Kind Feedback as well!

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