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Tasca/Asuka/Eduard M4A1, Normandy

December 3, 2016 · in Armor · · 14 Comments

Some in progress shots of my M4A1 of the 2nd Armored Division in Normandy.
The model is the 1:35 Tasca/Asuka kit, but was sold as an boxing, with some extra PE added. For some reason this made it cheaper than buying the Asuka kit...strange.

The model will eventually be depicted passing by a 101st Airborne trooper, right after the battle of Bloody Gulch, which took place on June 13th 1944, outside of Carentan, Normandy.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses

  1. Lookin' good so far, Jay...I'll be watchin' for the finished build. Nice work.

  2. Nice! and welcome

  3. Nice Jay, will be interested in seeing the finished build as my dad was with the 101st and Carentan was their major objective. They have a nice museum there dedicated to the 101st.

  4. I will try to do the veterans justice, Tom.

  5. Wow. Guess you've done this before. Looks great.
    Welcome to the iMod.

  6. Welcome aboard Sir ! Your Sherman looks really good.

    I have the old Italeri version (but it's not quite as far along as yours is) I'm building a Cullen hedge row cutter for it. Please keep us updated with your progress. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks very good so far !

  8. Looks like a great start, I'm sure the finished model will be well worth seeing.

  9. Thanks chaps!

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