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Flying Sub inbound!

January 13, 2017 · in Sci-fi · · 15 · 1.6K

Well it was a bit of a struggle, but mostly a lot of fun. It took 2 cans of Tamiya fine white primer and 2 cans of Tamiya Camel Yellow spray, so the paint cost about 1/2 what the kit cost! I am pretty happy with the overall result though and as Sci Fi kits goes this one was pretty easy over all. I did make my own stand, I felt the one in the kit while very cool and -esque was just too wobbly.

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  1. Sub looks wild, as does the stand ! you can almost here the ping ping from the opening of the show.

  2. I like it...starkly representative. Nice job, Rob.

  3. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice clean work Rob. The stand adds a god detail and for sure reminds the viewer of the subject. The model alone brings back good memories. Thanks for sharing this project and for the trip thru memory lane.

  4. Cool thing! Nice finish you managed to get with all the primer and yellow top coat.

  5. Looks great ! I had an Sea View kit as a young'un When the TV show was popular.

  6. I half expected to see Richard Basehart /Admiral Harriman Nelson at the controls. Rob the finish ...for rattle cans that looks admiral-able. The kit looks like a prop for the TV series.

    Two thumbs up

  7. Thanks everyone. The rattle can finish was a challenge, at one point I got a run, had to sand and re-paint. Thankfully Tamiya paints are super forgiving for sanding and feathering an edge, just cant do that with enamels well. The thing is huge at 1/32, about a foot across, I also have the 1/350 Seaview I will need to build it soon, it is much more accurate than the old Aurora one.

  8. Very cool. Very well done!

  9. Nice, very nice indeed

  10. "We all live in a..." - oh wait - different show!

    Very nicely done!

  11. Does bring back lots of good memories love the whole presentation, great job

  12. Thanks again guys, I know many of us shy away from Sci Fi kits even though they interest us because they frequently are poorly done. Well this one is no Tamiyagawa kit, but it is well engineered and with some patience builds up great and pretty easy. I am looking forward to the 1/32 Proteus from Fantastic Voyage, it should be out soon, hopefully it is as good a kit as this one was!

  13. Rob, nice work, and thanks for the memory's, always loved this rig !

  14. Nice job Rob, the rattle can finish turned out well. I prefer using them especially when the model requires yellow. Hate doing that color.

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