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Su-11, Amodel, 1/72

January 19, 2017 · in Aviation · · 21 · 4K

Hello, dear colleagues!
Stand on your court his another building. This fighter-interceptor in scale from . The quality of the kit is quite decent, if not very to complain about. Anyone familiar with Amodel, who knows. On this model I first decided to write a riveting. Did this, referring to the drawings and tried to get as close to "truth". Was no doubt that all my staves will disappear under layers of chemistry, but I was afraid of that. No klepochka not lost, though it was 6 layers: 1 layer of primer, 3 coats of Futura, 1 layer of metallic paint, 1 coat of finish paint.

  • already mentioned riveting. Plasic surfaces were applied to the lines on the fuselage - folded in 3 layers Oracle. Turned out to be very convenient. Put a couple of photos to show what it looked like on the bare plastic.
  • wheels are from Equipage. Set the front wheel of this one detail with the stand. So I had a drill to select it from the stand, freeing the plug for attaching kiparisovo. He was put on the axle wire of 0.8 mm.
  • front rack supplied by pipeline from the wire.
  • redid the hydraulics (the slope) of the main chassis. Is the needle inserted in normal cylinder.
  • tube LDPE on the wings and nose made of srica needle, the tip of which is inserted the needle from a superfine medical device (also needle). Nasal LDPE equipped with "wings" which were cut out of trawninki and glued into the grooves on the needle, made at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • air intakes, standing in large numbers on the back of the fuselage, in the kit this solid parts. I had to remove them from the plastic to make a tube.
  • lower antenna - also homemade of chipped and grinded copper wire.
  • to heighten the realism deepened and propylene in the mechanization of the wing and keel
  • decals are from a set generally are not used. They're terrible on the substrate, which is not hidden, as not primarily. Recruited from decaling residues. All the Technicals also added "from outside".

Painted in this order:

  1. Soil KUDO
  2. Futura (3 layer up to a high gloss)
  3. Metallic AK-Interactive
  4. Places panel effect
  5. Decals,
  6. The allocation of the joint and riveting (sometimes)
  7. Finish matte varnish KUDO.

That's probably all. Anyone interested, please see.

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  1. Well done, congrats!

  2. Outstanding job, Dmitry...a top-notch build. Looks strikingly similar to the Mig-21, does it not?

  3. Colleagues, thank you.
    Craig, you are right, it is very similar to the MiG-21. But the MiG-21, the fairing behind the cockpit to the other.

  4. Nice work, Dmitry. That plane has always fascinated me. I will be referring to your excellent model when I build my 1/48 Su-11.

  5. Wow - your riveting effort really brought life to this model! I've got a couple of AModel kits (and a riveter that I haven't yet attempted to use), so I may try my hand at something similar! Thanks for the inspiration. It is a fantastic build and finish all the way around.

  6. Very nicely done, Dmitry.

  7. Have always liked the Su-7 and its derivatives and was happy to finally get a 1/48 Su-11. The one shot of the original kit part and the one you modified with rivets is astounding. What a difference some extra work makes in the finished model! I like the fact that they are not as pronounced as the kit panel lines, so you really don't see them until the light shines off of the surface. Quite an excellent job Dmitry! By the way, did you do all the dimples one at a time, or do you use a rivet wheel to speed things along?

  8. Amazing work ! Always liked the look of this aircraft.

  9. Very cool looking aircraft and your model has really brought it to life, great detailing and finish.

  10. Excellent build of this cold war fighter.

  11. Dmitry, Great looking metal finish, I had to take a second look when I noticed it was 1/72 scale. Very well done !

  12. George, Bernd, thanks!

  13. The variation in the metal finishes really 'lifts' the model and provides additional interest.

  14. Good looking A model Dmitry, all those rivets!, well done.

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