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Airfix P-40B in 1/48

March 30, 2017 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.1K

Being a veteran of two Monogram P-40s, one by Trumpeter & another by Academy, I really looked forward to the Airfix offering. There were few issues & none that couldn't be corrected easily, although the spinner nearly defeated me - I don't know whether or not it was my fault (probably) or due to an undersized moulding in the kit, but when assembled, there was a noticeable difference in the diameter between the cowling front & the spinner base. Since I have always saved removable parts from 'expired' models I raided the spares box & found a complete Monogram spinner & prop! I also had the impression that the prop blades were a bit on the slim side in the Airfix kit & possibly the Monogran ones were a bit broad, so a few swipes with a sanding stick, the construction of a new mount & bingo... a perfect fit! This is a kit crying out to be built in several versions & colour schemes. I'm sure I will do another. What's the betting that Airfix will bring out a ''?

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  1. Very nice Tony and thanks for the heads up on the spinny parts. I might just hold off for a bit and wait for the add-on companies to step up before I buy one.

  2. Nice job on that prop & spinner, Tony.

  3. Great result, Tony.

  4. Good result, Tony.

  5. Looks very nice indeed!

  6. What's not to like about P-40s. Good job Tony

  7. I've bought-en two of these kits and it is get harder not build one. Finding the right paint scheme is the hard part with so many choice and so little time.

  8. Thanks for your kind comments, gentlemen! Thanks also for the info on Ultracast Stephen; I'll get them for my next one.

  9. You've ended up with a great looking P40, Tony, it's strange that no-one else has spotted that spinner problem, or, am I missing something?

  10. Thanks George. The spinner might be my fault but I'm inclined to think the kit part diameter is just a tad undersized. All full size photos I have show a very smooth fit & that's what prompted me to use the Monogram one. Just pure luck that I happened to have one I salvaged from years ago & that it fitted so well. When I do another I will either use the Ultracast resin replacement or cut a disc of sheet stock to fill in the gap. I should add that I have assembled & painted the kit parts & swapped them around a few times just to be sure, but I still prefer the Monogram spinner & prop.

  11. Very nice, Tony! I enjoyed this model too. FYI, they are doing a Tomahawk boxing later this year.

  12. Thank you John. I'm not surprised about the Tomahawk release: be interesting to see the choice of markings.

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